3 A,B,C Textured/Afro Hair

3 A,B,C Textured/Afro Hair

3 A,B,C curls or waves?


  • Curly (Loose Curls)
  • Thick & full with lots of body
  • Definite "S" pattern
  • Hair tends to be frizzy
  • Can have a combination texture


  • Curly (Tight Curls)
  • Medium amount of curl
  • Can have a combined texture


  • Curly (Corkscrews)
  • Tight curls in corkscrews
  • The curls can be either kinky, or very tightly curled, with lots of strands densely packed together

Sound Fimiliar? If this sounds like your hair than the Q-Redew is here for you. Quickly refresh, reshape, and revive limp curls by adding steam from ends to roots or just where you need it. Use the prongs of the Q-Redew to help distribute the steam just like the prongs of a diffuser on a hairdryer. Let hair cool before touching to avoid frizz. Tame any frizz with a light touch of gel or diluted conditioner rubbed between hands and gently applied to hair. Enjoy the added benefits of the moisture your hair is receiving each time you use the Q-Redew to style and reshape resulting in healthier frizz free curls over time.  Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you, our product is pretty unbelievable. However, it is that amazing which is why we have attached some reviews and tutorials from some of our favorite Youtube stars with hair just like you.


@DiscoCurls loves our product. She says “One way I like to use it is to enhance and reshape my hair style. This is perfect for days that I don’t have time to just wash and go. By placing the prongs by the root it re-hydrates and shrinks the loose root back into a tighter curl. This also provides a boosted volume and you know I’m all about the volume so I’m totally loving this.”

Beverly HelloCurlsSalon

@Beverly HelloCurlsSalon said it best “I have big hair, I might as well flaunt it.” Words cannot do justice to explain exactly the magic that Q-Redew does for her 4 day hair. Just follow the link and see for yourself.

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