3 Reasons Hair Porosity is Important.

3 Reasons Hair Porosity is Important.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to curly hair. Every curly girl should know a few things about her hair and one of them includes her hair's porosity.


  1. Knowing your porosity level is important to growth and healthy hair.


Porosity is the level at which your hair absorbs and holds moisture.  If you are unsure of your level of porosity, be sure to perform the "Porosity Test". It is not uncommon for members of the curly hair community to stress over hair type. However, knowing your hair's porosity is much more helpful to maintaining your hair's health than knowing your hair type. Once you are aware of your hair porosity level, you can focus on growth and overall health.


  1. Knowing how to select products based on your hair porosity will save you time, money and headaches.


Using products that work well with your porosity level will yield you better styling results.  Your hair’s reaction to a particular product is based on how porous your hair is. Depending on your porosity level, you can determine if a gel, butter or cream will work best for your curls. Furthermore, it will eliminate the hassle of purchasing products that may not be a good fit. A girl can only make so many trips to Target in a month.


  1. Keeping your moisture levels at optimal levels will help you maintain healthy and manageable hair.


Moisture retention is key to keeping your curls hydrated and healthy. Water is hands down the best form of moisture. So instead of spending countless dollars on products, try investing in a tool like the Q-Redew to help your curls receive the moisture they need. Whether you have low, medium or high porosity the Q-Redew will work for you!






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