5 Stars!

5 Stars!

We hear things like, “That won’t work on my hair.” “That is for looser curls” “It can’t help my kinky hair.” With statements and questions about type 4 hair still circulating we will continue to do our best to show all our readers that it does not matter what hair type they have, we are perfect for you.

This week we were fortunate enough to come across a beautiful blog about the Q-Redew. Not only was the website beautiful and the words she spoke about her Q-Redew beautiful but she was beautiful. She also has one of the most asked about hair types when it comes to our product, type 4C.

Before doing anything she first divides her hair into sections (a must do for the best results) and then she gets started! She saw results immediately, saying once it reached her “…dry hair it immediately softened right up.” She started at her tips and worked her way up to were here knots really started to form.

Once completed she added her castor oil to help seal in all the moisture (we recommend steaming your hair first and then adding your oils so that the steam can properly penetrate your hair). She braided the sections for day one and on day two was surprised at what happened.

“Thanksgiving morning I took my hair down and va va voom! Look at that stretch, definition and all of that hydration! I also noticed my hair was CRAZY SOFT! Like Baby soft! Like Whoa!”

Liv has happily welcomes the Q-Redew as a new staple in her hair routine saying that her braid out lasted 3 days and her hair stayed soft and moist for up to four days. “5 of 5!”

Thank you Liv!

Visit here blog here: http://bit.ly/2fVWGFs  

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