Happy 3rd Birthday Q-Redew!

Q-Redew is 3 years old! And a great three years it has been. What started as a eureka moment to fill a void in the hair care routine of Q-Redew inventor and founder, Heidi Schmid, is now a sought after, much loved hair care tool in the natural and curly hair community.

After envisioning the Q-Redew concept, Heidi shared the original prototype with her curly-haired friends and family, and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Heidi and her husband, Tom, jumped at the opportunity to develop a game changing tool, known today as the Q-Redew. After several years of thoughtful collaboration with professional engineers, designers, and quality manufacturers, the Q-Redew was introduced to the natural curly girl market in October of 2012.

In the three years since the Q-Redew’s introduction women have embraced the Q-Redew as an invaluable tool in their hair care routine. The multipurpose Q-Redew has proven itself as a favorite for  refreshing and moisturizing, as well as, for deep conditioningsteamer blowoutsrefreshing twists, and detangling.

Thank you to every natural girl out there that has incorporated the original hand held hair steamer into their routine and went on to review, shout out, and spread the word that Q-Redew has arrived!


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