Happy Birthday to Q-Redew!

Happy Birthday to Q-Redew!

Happy Birthday to Q-Redew!

This year we are celebrating our 4th Birthday! We cannot believe how large we have grown and all the amazing people we have had the pleasure of talking with during this journey. I want to take it back to when it all started for those of you who don’t know.

I needed a way to quickly and conveniently reshape curls and increase volume and texture without saturating the my hair with water. I wanted great second and third day hair. One cold and dry winter day, I had a “eureka” moment. What if I could infuse just the right amount of steam to give me that perfect hair day – any day? What if I could use steam to my advantage to eliminate static, reshape curls, do this quickly conveniently and naturally? My journey began….. I shared my original prototype with my friends, and received an overwhelmingly positive response. This tool would save time and keep hair healthy and beautiful. My husband, Tom, joined me in the development of the Q-Redew. After years of collaboration with professional engineers, designers, and quality manufacturers, we finally had in our hands the very first Q-Redew.

We introduced it to the world 4 years ago and now we have thousands of followers on our Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We get to hear things like;

“The Q-Redew is the TRUTH!”

“I love using my Q-Redew!”

“I should have my Q-Redew Saturday!!! I'm so excited!! I'll be playing with it all weekend!!”

“The steam from the Q-Redew stretches her hair like no other without damaging her curl pattern...and detangling is a breeze!”

“Thanks Q-Redew...you have made this mom very happy!”

We live and breathe for our Q-mmunity members and want you to know the love is mutual. Without your amazing support and love, we would not be here so we decided the best way to celebrate with you was to take $10.00 off the Q-Redew! So happy birthday to us and you!

Thank Q for the years of love!

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