Happy Halloween Curl-friends!

Happy Halloween Curl-friends!

Tis the season of Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my!

Well we want you to embrace your amazing curls and rock your Halloween costume this year. So we decided to give you our top ten Halloween costume ideas that will really help you showcase your curls.

  1. Lion- We know, we know. How predictable right? Well hear us out. Not only will you be able to showcase your amazing mane but you will really be able to express what a fierce woman you are! You are woman hear you ROAR!

  2. Prince- What a better way to honor such and amazing musician than to showcase your curls in a Purple Rain get up. Get that steamer and gel ready honey because you will ROCK at the costume party.
  3. Hermione Granger- That’s right! We are going to nerd out just a little bit. What is the point of having curly hair during Halloween if you don’t dress up as the most talented female witch ever? Forget Harry Potter, Hermione is where it’s at!
  4. Slash- The Guns N’ Roses musicians iconic look will go great with those curls! So grab your sunglasses and top hats ladies because this costume really hits all the right notes.
  5. Merida- The Brave Disney princess is recognized for her crazy and unruly curls and you can be too. And unlike all those other Meridas out there yours is natural ;)
  6. Winifred Sanderson- The lead witch sister in Hocus Pocus, one of the best and well known Halloween movies that was ever made. She is an icon for Halloween and with some bobby pins, hair spray, and the Q-Redew you can achieve her signature hair style.
  7. Troy Polamalu- Not wanting to do traditional? Troys curls can be just what you’re looking for. Known for his amazing curly hair this Pittsburgh Steelers costume will be a for sure touchdown!
  8. Lorde- With her astounding voice, record breaking hits, and iconic look this costume will be a crowd pleaser. With long and dark curls and some gothic make-up you can be a chart topper this Halloween.
  9. Mini Mouse- A time to really let that type 4 hair shine. Using two hair bands you can create natural Mini Mouse ears. No worry about your ears falling off, moving, or looking cheesy.
  10. Hillary Banks- Pull out those old hats and plain skirt suites because the 90’s are back! This Halloween be the always fashionable Hillary from Fresh Prince and put those curls in the spotlight.

Honorable Mention….

Richard Simmons- If you have a fun sense of humor and want to have an equally fun costume then this is it! The always enthusiastic star has a look that is recognized ANYWHERE!

What not to do…

Clown- YOUR CURLS DESERVE BETTER! Not just that but with the creepy clown epidemic that is happening right now your look will not get the smiles that you are after.


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