​Happy Mother’s Day from Q-Redew

For our Texture Tuesday contest, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us special memories of their mothers and grandmothers. We’d like to share some of those with you today.

“My mom loved shopping and getting snacks for us from local cafes and bakeries. We kids would like the surprises and we all would sit in our patio while mom made coffee for her and then snack together.” ~ Sally John

“My Special Memory with my Mother was taking a walk with her when I was 5 years old, walking Hand in Hand and thinking how Big her hand was compared to mine and how secure I felt!” ~ Kari Judd

“Me, my mom and my grandma always used to go out to lunch together every week. We had so much fun together laughing all the time!” ~ Trisha Blair

“My grandmother-Marion Elizabeth Bixby Smith passed away in 1969 - when I was little she let us grandkids dip graham crackers in her black tea - I wonder how many were floating in bottom of her cup!!” ~ Jackie Anderson Morris

“Mom straightening my hair with a hot comb” ~ Dacia Dell

“There are so many memories I have with my mom! My favorite ones are when we hang out together, make jokes and laugh. Every day I spend with my mom is special to me though because I'm happy she's healthy and in my life.” ~ Khadijah Hughes

“Mothers are special people, I can recall the countless hours that my mother would spend fixing my hair. Thank God for all His blessings.” ~ Tabeel Hibbert

“We never had much. Everything we did have she kept so neat and clean. I most loved our trips to Reed State park every summer with her and Aunty Ruth. I don't even know how they paid for it. Was the best.” ~ Sherri Martin Swain

“When I was very young I stayed with my maternal grandma a lot. She was such a warm caring woman. We would always go visit her neighbor Ann and I'd have special coffee when they had theirs and we would always have coffee and a small treat every time we visited! I loved it!” ~ Sue King

Happy Mother’s Day from Q-Redew



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