Healthy Hair & Lifestyle Tips

We recently asked our Q-Redew Curly Community to share with us their healthy hair and lifestyle tips, and wanted to pass on their recommendations to our readers. Here are some of their suggestions:

“My favorite and most valuable hair tip is to Deep massage your scalp with jojoba oil and steam your hair with the Q-Redew , it puts that moisture back in my hair after a dry spell it penetrates my hair follicles to promote strong healthy hair, it's used to treat dry scalp and holds the same natural oil balance of your scalp. Jojoba oil also strengthens the hair fibers from inside out. My hair steamer also does the same by adding shine elasticity and softness back into my curls and doesn't cause any heat damage my Q-Redew is in my everyday hair routine and if u haven't purchased one your slipping girl ... Those steps combine has visibly grown healthy hair in the last month or to I'm very happy with my results.” ~ De'Zhane Imandi Baker

“I always keep my hair moisturized with conditioner & coconut or argan oil, I sleep with a satin pillowcase and I wear a satin hair cap at night.” ~ Adella Gonzalez

“Love yourself, love others, smile, laugh, exercise daily, eat well, drink lots of water, rest, and take time to worship... And don't forget to steam your hair” ~ Karen Irick

“Love your body and what you put in it and your hair will smile!!” ~ Andrea Myers Anthony

“My most important one smile your creator, exercise (just a walk or running), put family first before any other thing, lastly drink lots of water... It's good for you.” ~ Priscilla Omugheli

“My best tip is to eat a diet high in antioxidants and to take time during the week to workout.” ~ Michelle Henriquez

“Rest, Exercise, Eat healthy, Focus on being all you can be, and have Faith!” ~ Laura L. Foreman

“Be gentle with your hair...never detangle dry hair...deep condition often...treat your hair with care and it will grow. I love my Q-Redew and I use it in so many ways- to deep condition, add moisture & also to help plump my mini twists for easier takedown.” ~ Anthea Roach

“Always moisturize your hair daily & wear protective hairstyles to protect your hair from damage.” ~ Liselle StLouis

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