Heatless Blowout with the Q-Redew

Heatless Blowout with the Q-Redew

One of the many styles that can be achieved with the Q-Redew is an elongated curl/blowout look. Previously, this has been a difficult style to attain without using heat, which can damage your hair. However, by using the Q-Redew, hair can be manipulated while it is moisturized and pliable without the damaging effects of using a blow dryer. Here’s what a few users have said about this style:

“I love this product. It really does help stretch my hair. I have told all of my friends about this.”

“I use my Q-Redew daily and it leaves my hair soft and manageable throughout the entire day! I love achieving the "Blow out" look without the heat or dryness especially when I'm too lazy or short on time to style! This is definitely my #1 recommendation to all my natural friends.”

“The Q-Redew has accomplished the two things I haven't really been able to get to my liking--moisturizing and stretching! It has also significantly cut the amount of time I spend with my nightly twisting because it immediately makes my hair so manageable.” ~Linn

“I love the Q-Redew!!!! Ever since I started using it, my hair has become SOOOO much more MANAGABLE. I would normally have to wash my hair and condition at the end of the week because my hair would be so dry but now I can probably wash and condition once every other week. I also love the Q-Redew because it helps to stretch the hair while also moisturizing and making it more manageable.”

Q-Redew steam provides a safe alternative to the dry heat of a blow dryer to achieve stretched, elongated styles. All it takes are two easy steps:

  1. Divide your hair into sections.
  2. Working gently through each section, comb your hair using the prongs of the Q-Redew or your other hand while applying gentle tension as you steam to elongate hair.

See SimplyJade101 demonstrate how she does a heatless blowout in the video below.

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