​Helping Her Love Her Curls – Parenting a Curly Girl

Today, we’re taking the Q-Redew blog in a slightly different direction. We love talking about things that are current in the curly community and feel that this is an issue that is particularly important. Many of us are moms to kids with curly hair, and recently, more and more campaigns are being put forth that shine a light on how natural hair and natural curls affect a child’s self image.

A few months ago, Dove launched a campaign which shared the statistic that only 4 our of 10 girls think their curly hair is beautiful. The video shows a compilation of girls some as young as five and six explaining why they don’t like their hair. Although the video ends on a positive note, as parents of curly kids, we are faced with the question of how to bolster their self-image so that they don’t spend their lives longing for straight hair. Here are a few things that you can do to help encourage them to love their curls.

Love your own hair first

Young children create most of their self-image by modeling themselves after your behaviors. If you talk about hating you hair type or texture or are constantly using relaxers or other chemical treatments, your child will get the impression that their curls and coils aren’t accepted or can’t be beautiful. If you don’t express confidence in your hair’s natural state, chances are your kids will absorb that sentiment.

Let them talk about their hair and give them positive feedback

When you talk to your daughter about her hair, listen to the reasons why she dislikes her hair. Don’t immediately dismiss what they have to say. Understand that these are genuine feelings and concerns. Acknowledge her feelings before you give positive feedback about the beauty of their natural selves. This shouldn’t stop at saying that curls are beautiful. It should also be about other characteristics that make them unique; she is positive, outgoing, intelligent, kind, compassionate.

Show them positive curly role models – both real and animated

The media make an enormous impact on how we view ourselves and it is especially true for young children. Fortunately, there are a growing number of naturally curly role models that can be used as inspiration. For example, the new DreamWorks animated film, Home’s main character is Tip, who resourceful, spunky, and wears her curly hair with confidence. The same can be said of Disney’s Merida, from the movie Brave.

Q-Redew encourages everyone to love their curls, while encouraging that love in your children. It makes you unique, and it only touches the surface of the beauty you hold inside.

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