How to Deep Condition and Pre-Poo with the Q-Redew

The Q-Redew has a diverse number of uses other than reviving curls, and one of which is as an aid in deep conditioning your hair. The Q-Redew’s steam provides moisture and hydration to the hair by temporarily lifting the cuticle of the hair to allow moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. This is particularly helpful with low porosity hair, which is often difficult to moisturize due to its closed cuticle. Here are what our users are saying about their experiences:

“Where has this product been all my life? That's exactly how I felt the first time I used my handheld steamer. It is awesome for refreshing your style, and it's also great before applying a deep conditioner. I use it all the time! Definitely a must have for curly girls, and all hair types!” ~ Torrie


“I love this product. My hair type is 4c and I use this lovely steamer for hot oil treatments, deep conditioning, face steamer and as a detangler... I give this steamer an A+.” ~Rochelle Bond


“The Q-Redew is perfect for my hair. I've used it to deep treat my hair and it really made my hair absorb the product and make my hair really moisturized for the entire week and very soft.” ~Michaela


“I use it to help with hot oil treatments, which I now do weekly because it easy. I also use to activate deep conditioner instead of waiting for hours for it to penetrate. Because I use it daily my hair is so so so soft ..I touch it all day in amazement. I do the hot oil before I wash and I think it does a good job of helping the oil penetrate. SAVES TIME DEEP CONDITIONING” ~Impressed


“I chose the Q-Redew because I travel a lot and it is easier to transport and pack. The price was also more affordable for me. I am so glad I did. My hair is so moisturized and my Dc and Oil pre poo treatments work so much better. Never was my hair this moisturized before. It took so much to try and add and retain moisture, I use this device almost everyday now. I am low porosity 4a/4c and it works! It really does.” ~Courtney


Here are the steps for a deep conditioning or pre-poo treatment with your Q-Redew:

  1. Deep conditioning can be done on wet or dry hair.
  2. Hair should be divided hair into sections.
  3. Working in sections, apply your favorite moisturizer to your hair. When choosing a moisturizer look for products with water listed as a primary ingredient.
  4. Apply Q-Redew steam to length of hair on section at a time.

Unlike a hooded steamer where you need to wait for the steam to penetrate all layers of your hair, when using the Q-Redew you are efficiently moving the steam across the surface of each section. You will immediately feel hair warm and soften.

In this video, Mo of Mo Knows Hair uses the Q-Redew to aid in a pre-poo treatment for her friend’s hair. 

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