How To With Your Q-Redew- Refreshed Twists

Imagine taking your old wash and go or twist out and completely refreshing your style without rewetting or washing your hair. Sound too good to be true? With the Q-Redew, it isn’t! The Q-Redew’s targeted steam moisturizes and softens the hair allowing for safe and easy manipulation while leaving the hair dry to the touch. Many of our customers love using their Q-Redew to achieve amazing twists with ease. Here are a few of their comments:

“I appreciate how the Q-Redew allows me to "dry" flat twist my hair. I love twist outs and they dry in minutes!!” ~ K. Jeffery

“Amazing. Simply amazing made my hair so manageable. I have really thick hair. It literally glided through my thick curly mane and made re twisting so easy. Would recommend to anyone!” ~ Natasha M.

“I used my Q-Redew on a 7 days old wash and go. I steamed my hair and twisted it up in large twist. I was able to untangle and add moisture to my lifeless hair. My hair looked absolutely great! I love this product.” ~ Ivette G.

“I received my Q-Redew about a month ago, and have been using it for my pre-poo treatments, and my DC's.. But today, I used it to refresh my hair after a 3 day braid out.... oh my God!! It was utterly amazing!!! It softened and detangled my hair to the point where I did not even use a comb or brush in my hair!! I then just put my product in my hair, and twisted it up!! My hair was soft, my twists are full, and fluffy, and my hair has a ton of bounce!!!! For my low porosity, 4C, thick density hair, this product is from GOD!!! Love it!!!” ~ Danielle B.

There are a variety of video tutorials available on YouTube from vloggers such as Iman Chaney, Curls And Couture, Mo Knows Hair, and Nikkimae2003. Here are our styling recommendations for a refreshed twist out.

  • Clip dry hair into sections. The number of sections you chose to make depends on how thick your hair is and how small you would like to make the twist.
  • Steam one section from root to end passing through the hair a few times until the hair is warm, soft, and tangle free.
  • Apply your favorite styling product, cream, or butter to the section.
  • Twist the steamed section.
  • Continue to steam and twist each section.
  • Cover with satin bonnet for sleep.
  • In the morning carefully remove and separate each twist.
  • Fluff at roots with your fingers to achieve fullness

Here is a video from Mo Knows Hair on how she uses the Q-Redew to achieve a flat twist-out.

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