​Making the Best of April Showers

While April showers might bring May flowers, that doesn’t make us feel any better about standing in the rain. Most curly girls know the dread of seeing the heavens open and a downpour ruining a style that took a lot of time and product to get just right. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, but lets talk about some other options for saving your curls from the moisture and humidity of the next storm.

Carry a Cute Umbrella

If there’s rain in for forecast, bring along a fun umbrella that fully protects you and your style. We like this dome style umbrella since it fully covers your head and shoulders, but will still show off your style.

Wear a Stylish Rain Coat

It doesn’t have to be a rain slicker to protect you against those drops. Find a stylish waterproof jacket or a coat with a hood. Check out these cute rainy day outfit combos from Oprah.com

Stay Girl Scout Ready with a Rain Bonnet

These little caps are lifesavers, and you can keep a few in your purse just in case. You may think that you look like your grandmother when you use one, but they’re a convenient and inexpensive way to keep covered in an emergency. Plus, retro is making a comeback.

Check your Weather App

Before deciding to spend a lot of time on a style, it might be a good idea to take a look at the weather. If you plan on being out while there’s a good chance of rain, it might be better to find an updo or protective style for the day.

It’s Not the End of the World

Even if you do get caught in the rain, remember that it’s just your hair and not the end of the world. Remember, that you can use your Q-Redew to reshape and revive your hair once you’ve reached your destination.

What are your rainy day hair tips? We’d love to hear them! Comment below.

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