Naturally You!

Naturally You!

Naturally You!

Here at Q-Redew we want every woman to feel beautiful with the hair she was born with. Women with curly, kinky, and frizzy hair have often struggled to embrace their natural hair. Constantly keeping up with pressing their hair, straightening it, heating it, and ultimately damaging it to get the results they wanted.

Fortunately women have stood up against “Beauty” standards and said no more to the need to force their curls into submission. Natural hair is beautiful whether it is Type 4C or Type 2B. The Natural Hair Movement has taken off and huge numbers of women are choosing to embrace their curls, kinks, and frizz.

Women transition in many different ways.  Some their hair grow out and gradually get rid of damage by trimming. Some to jump head first and get ‘The Big Chop’. Whichever way they decide to transition it is a brave decision and an inspiration to other woman struggling with their own natural hair problems.

The Q-Redew was designed for woman to help care for their natural hair by keeping it hydrated. We are proud to be a part of the movement towards loving yourself and your hair!

This week we want to put a spotlight on women who have shared their transitions. Enjoy! 

Thank-Q to all of you natural women!

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