New Year Hair Resolutions

It’s a brand new year, which means starting fresh and making resolutions for the year to come – and why not make some about your natural curls and coils while you’re at it? Q-Redew founder, Heidi’s resolution is to wear her hair in different styles. We asked our Q-Redew Curly Community what their New Year hair resolutions for 2016 were and these were just a few of their answers.


“My hair resolution is to listen to my hair. Your hair will tell you what it needs. I promise to feed my hair from the inside out. Take the right vitamins and to protect my hair from harmful elements in the air. Treat my hair with love and care and to use products that will benefit my hair in the long run not short term.” ~ Chyrise L. Davis-Eleonora
“This years hair resolution for myself is to cut the length and find a style that is different than what I have been wearing for a long time” ~ Mikayla Kary
“To deep condition weekly, and to be more gentle to my hair.” ~ Brittney Nicole Rodriguez
“Continuing to keep my hair moisturized and stay away from heat! Also to use up all my products before purchasing any more.” ~ Shakis Chavonne
“My Year 2016 hair resolution for Betty-Sue (my hair) is to combat dryness with the correct products and to own a Q-Redew steamer to help restore moisture to my curly coils.” ~ Laura L. Foreman
“My hair resolution for 2016 is to love this mass of curls not matter what!!” ~ LaShelle Spencer
“My resolution is to gain more length and try new style that work with thin hair.” ~ Elizabeth Elliott

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