Q-Redew FAQ: How do I clean my Q-Redew?

Q-Redew FAQ: How do I clean my Q-Redew?


One of the most common questions we receive about the Q-Redew is what to do about a reduction/stop in steam. It is alarming if this happens, but not to worry; there is a quick and convenient way to restore your Q-Redew to its former condition.


Usually, it is the buildup of mineral deposits that are interfering with the steam flow, due to using tap water instead of distilled water. To break up the buildup, dilute a teaspoon of white household vinegar into the reservoir water and run it through the unit. Run a few of reservoirs of distilled water through the Q-Redew afterward to remove the vinegar and its scent.


The key here is WHITE VINEGAR. You won’t be thrilled with the results of apple cider or malt vinegar.


The vinegar has the natural ability to clear the mineral deposits and the steam will flow again. For good preventative measures, use distilled water to significantly decrease the buildup of minerals. If the blockage is being stubborn, let the vinegar sit inside the Q-Redew overnight before clearing with distilled water.


While you’re running the vinegar through your Q-Redew, take the time for some other maintenance. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the outer surfaces, and spend time cleaning the prongs of the “comb.” This is an area where products tend to build up and leave a residue.


Once you’ve cleaned out any mineral deposits in your Q-Redew, it should operate without any problems. If for any reason you are still running into issues, please contact us at Support@QRedew.com and we will work to resolve the problem.


Enjoy the steam!

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