Q-Redew Made Naturally Curly’s Top 3

Q-Redew Made Naturally Curly’s Top 3


Q-Redew was listed within the top three best detangling methods on NaturallyCurly’s website at http://bit.ly/2cI9sGK. Naturally Curly had this to say about the Q-Redew:

“Q-REDEW HANDHELD VAPOR WAND: This method is my personal favorite way to detangle. The Q-Redew is a handheld steamer that provides moisture back into my curls. The warm vapor moisturizes, enhances the shape, intensifies deep conditioners, and detangles. After a week, my unwashed curls become matted and the detangling process can be a nightmare. The steam from the Q-Redew softens my hair and literally melts tangles away. To use I fill the reservoir with distilled water, attach it and then plug in the device. Once it’s heated and ready for use, I press the trigger and glide the prongs through my hair. I love it because it’s fast, it’s not messy, and gentle on my tender scalp. Read my full review on the Q-Redew.”

Here at Q-Redew we work hard to assist everyone in our Q-mmunity as they experience their own journey.  Natural Hair isn't just a movement, it's a personal journal and a lifestyle. We are here to help improve your hair health so you can rock your curls without worrying about damage.

We want to say thank you to Naturally Curly and Disco curls for the amazing video featuring the Q-Redew hand held steamer. You can see the video for yourself here:

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