Q-Redew the Great Detangler. Who Knew?

The Q-Redew handheld steamer is emerging as quite the little detangler in the natural hair community.

Thorough, gentle detangling is necessary to retain length and manage curly and highly textured hair. There are several common methods for removing tangles. It is often trial and error that leads to a preferred routine. One must decide wet, dry, fingers, wide tooth comb, Ouidad Double Detangler, Tangle Teezer, Denman brush... choices!

The first decision to be made is whether to remove tangles while hair is wet or dry. Wet detangling softens the hair for easier manipulation, but hair is in its most fragile state and prone to breakage when wet. Dry detangling can be difficult for some, as hair often feels too dry and hard to work through the strands.

The Q-Redew steam provides just enough warm moisture to soften and melt away tangles without saturating the hair to the point of weakness.

It's as easy as:

  1. Divide hair into 4- 6 sections. Clip each section.
  2. Work with one section at a time.
  3. Apply a water based moisturizer or detangler, if desired.
  4. Steam the section from root to end warming and softening the hair.
  5. Use prongs of the Q-Redew to comb through hair if they can easily glide through hair without pulling or tugging. If hair is too tangled for prongs to move through the hair with ease, just skim the surface of the hair with the steam.
  6. Precede with your detangling tool of choice i.e. your fingers or wide tooth comb while the hair is warm and soft.
  7. Make sure the section is tangle free before moving to the next section.
  8. Twist or re-clip section before moving on to next section

Watch how 4c Hair Chick uses her Q-Redew to detangle:

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