Pre-poo with Q-Redew

Pre-poo? A pre-poo routine is used to prepare the hair before cleansing.  Typically a conditioning treatment is applied to the hair and left to sit from twenty minutes to all night prior to shampooing.  The purpose is to prepare the hair for the manipulation required while washing. Some women find that the pre-poo routine adds the moisture that their hair craves. Reporting a softer more moisturized end result.

One common complaint that we hear is "I can not get my low porosity hair to absorb any moisture. Product just sits on the surface" That is where the Q-Redew hand held hair steamer comes into the pre-poo routine!

The Q-Redew hair steamer warms and softens the hair while temporarily lifting the cuticle of the hair shaft.  It is while the cuticle is open that the moisture, whether from the steam of the Q-Redew and/or the applied product, is able to penetrate the hair satisfying that craving for moisture.  

It is the low porosity ladies that need the temporary lift of steam. Low porosity hair has tightly packed, low profile cuticles that keep moisture from moving in and out of the hair freely. The upside is once you get the moisture into the hair and the cuticle lies flat again, the hair holds onto the moisture better than our friends with the high porosity hair. (The friend that can slather on the butters and creams and they just melt into their hair.)

How to pre-poo?  

  • We recommend using your favorite moisturizing product. (Remember products that provide moisture have water as one of the first ingredients.) 
  • Apply the hair conditioning product to your hair working in sections if your hair is thick.
  • Apply steam for several minutes from root to end focusing on the dryer areas of your hair. Working in sections as needed. *As a bonus detangle each section while warm. 

Notice we said "several minutes"? Yep! That is all the time it takes for your hair to absorb the moisture once the cuticle is a bit raised. Convenient, right?

A great pre-poo demo by @itsmeladyg…..

Thank you @itsmeladyg!

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