Graduation Hair "Bantu Knots with Miss Q"



It's that time of year, graduation is just around the corner for many of us. It's an exciting time to celebrate well-deserved accomplishments and look back on past memories. Along with graduation also comes stressors associated with that little black hat, especially for curly girls. We are faced with the dilemma, "Do we give in and straighten?" or  "Do we try to manage and style the curls?"

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​Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

Deciding to go chemical free and embrace your natural curls is a big change and commitment, but the choice to love your hair the way it is naturally is well worth every step on your natural hair journey.

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​FAQ: Will the Q-Redew damage my hair?

We receive a lot of questions about how the Q-Redew works and how it will effect the hair. One question that is frequently asked is if the Q-Redew will damage hair. Thankfully, the answer is no. Using steam as a treatment for your hair will actually improve your hair’s health!

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​Traveling with your Q-Redew

Spring Break is upon us! Maybe you’re headed to the beach with friends or to a theme park with your family. Maybe you’re saving your vacation days for another special event. Regardless of when you go or where life takes you, it’s good to know that you can take your trusty Q-Redew with you wherever you have a conventional AC outlet.

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How-To With Your Q-Redew: Refreshing Your Style

Yesterday, your curls were the definition of perfect. Each coil was smooth and shiny with not a hint of fizziness. Today… it looks like you and your pillow got into a fight and your pillow won.

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Q&A – Why should I use distilled water in my Q-Redew?

Let’s say that you have just received your Q-Redew. Excited to see how it works on your hair, you quickly take it out of the package, fill the reservoir with tap water, plug in the appliance and wait for it to heat so that you can steam your curls to perfection. Your first experience is glorious! However, after a few weeks, the steam appears to trail off and it seems like your trusty Q-Redew has failed you… What went wrong?

The answer is that it’s all in the water. Most of us do not think twice about the type of water we use in our appliances. Unfortunately, tap water and most other drinking water still have minerals in them that build up over time. This blocks the flow of steam.

For best results with your Q-Redew, use distilled water. Distilled water has gone through a rigorous filtration process to strip it not only of contaminants, but any natural minerals as well. You can find it in your local grocery store.

Not all water is the same. Be sure to read the label of a bottle before purchasing to make certain that it is distilled water and not just bottled drinking water with added or natural minerals in the water you will be using for your Q-Redew.

Have you used tap water or another type of bottled water in your Q-Redew and have seen a reduction in steam? Try putting a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar in your Q-Redew's reservoir water and push the trigger to run the vinegar water through the appliance. This will efficiently remove the mineral buildup. Unlike synthetic cleaners, white vinegar is completely safe to use on any appliances that touch your skin and hair.

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