How-To With Your Q-Redew: Refreshing Your Style

Yesterday, your curls were the definition of perfect. Each coil was smooth and shiny with not a hint of fizziness. Today… it looks like you and your pillow got into a fight and your pillow won.

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How to Q-Redew Second Day Hair into Shape

Many curlies covet the often elusive second day hair, actually third and forth day would be the icing. Prior to the Q-Redew I struggled with this very issue. I wanted that next day hair that many curlies referred to, but nope.  It was out of my reach.  My second day curls looked bent, flat, misshaped- it looked like I slept on it all night!  I was subjected to the daily wet down.  The worst part about the wet down was that I spent half of my day with wet hair, followed by the gel cast, and it wasn't until 5 pm that I was good to go.

Let me introduce the solution- The Q-Redew Hand Held Hair Steamer. Steam instead of water to reshape, refresh, restyle.

When it comes to using Q-Redew's steam, there is no wrong way to style second day hair; however, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

The first step starts the night before. Choose a method that best protects and preserves your curls (ie. a pineapple, twists or braids, a satin bonnet, or a silk pillow case)

The Basics: The next morning, simply plug in your Q-Redew. By the time you fill the reservoir with distilled water, the Q-Redew will be warm and ready to go. Slowly apply the steam throughout the hair.  If your goal is to reshape and add volume, use the prongs to push up from the ends into the bulk of hair (the same motion you use when scrunching), encouraging the hair to curl. Try gently scrunching or curling hair around your finger to reshape curls. When I am done reshaping, I like to pass the Q-Redew over the hair from root to end to tame the halo by eliminating dry frizz. If it is stretch that you are looking for, apply the steam from roots to end in a downward motion encouraging the curl to loosen. 

Eliminate Frizz: If you are prone to frizz, keep hands off, at least until the hair cools. If you do experience some frizz, rub a small amount of diluted conditioner between your palms and gently skim your hair.

The Cool Down: Once the hair cools, which just takes a minute or two, shake and fluff at the roots.

Voila....second day hair in minutes!

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Q-Redew Eureka Moment Anniversary

It was a typical day in February in Wisconsin i.e. cold and dry. So of course, my hair was flat, lifeless and dry. I'd come to expect and dread this each winter. Caught up in my blahs, "it" came to me. I just knew if I could safely and conveniently apply steam to my hair, all my troubles would be solved. My hair would bounce back to its best; hydrated and full of life. Aha! My eureka moment had just hit me!

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