The Questions About Your Curls and Coils

As women with naturally curly and kinky hair, we often answer a variety of questions from curious admirers. Naturalistas are often asked a variety of questions like:

“Is that your real hair?”

“How did you get that style?”

“What products do you use?”

“How long did it take you to grow your hair?”

and the famous “Can I touch it?”

Most ladies with natural hair have faced one or more of these questions on their journey, so recently we asked our  Facebook curly community if they minded being asked about their hair, and what their personal experiences were like. We enjoyed their answers so much, that we wanted to share them with you.

“I've had plenty of people ask me about my hair. How did I get it so curly? Even ask or just out of the blue touch my hair. It doesn't bother me one bit, only when they touch without my permission, lol.”~ Courtney Shipp-Wynn

“I welcome the opportunity to share the history and culture of my natural tresses. In today's fragmented society, I think it is everyone's responsibility to try to heal our nation, and if I can do it through my curls, then let's do it.” ~ Tonya Hutson

“I love it when people ask about my hair because I know it's unique and beautiful; most people look at it and even ask me for tips on how to style curly kinky hair which makes me feel wonderful. Plus, my hair and natural journey have inspired so many women in my family to go natural and embrace what's theirs. So to me I take each curious look as a chance to inspire and feel complimented on the crown that God bestowed upon my head.” ~ Marianela Arroyo

“I do not mind when people ask my hair, or even ask to touch it really, as long as, they dont put there hands in my hair without asking or compare it to wool or anything.” ~ Stanisha Stroman

“No I don't mind. It makes me feel good that people are noticing that my hair is a little different than everybody else. My hair is a salt and pepper mix and its also curly, kinky, and coily. I love it!” ~ Natalie Coleman

“It often times breaks my heart when someone comments that they wish they could "go natural" if only they had hair like mine or my curl pattern. I always try to encourage them to embrace their own God given texture, promising them that they can achieve the same or similar results as I have. If I know I will see the individual again I will bring products from my stash and give them some basic tips on how to get started with a simple wash n go style or a twistout.” ~ Tina Richardson

“I don't mind when people ask about my hair or my kids... I am happy to give our experience although I DO mind when people just outright touch our hair without even asking... fluffing it out, finding some piece of fuzz in my daughter's hair and taking the time to pull it out, walking past and just touching it without even saying anything... but when people ask about maintenance, then I sure don't mind!” ~ Ellia Ana Hill

“I don't mind when curious admirers ask about my hair. They always want to know what products I use and they like the way my hair smells which is usually like coconut or sometimes mango or papaya. I always take it as a compliment and tell them what products I use that work well for me and may work well for them.” ~ Karen Ennis

“I don't mind because I have 4c really kinky hair... I get questions like wow your hair is really growing... Then the next day... Did you cut your hair again... No it's just shrinkage... I tell them, you got to love your hair anyways.” ~ Priscilla Omugheli

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