A Valentine’s Treat for Curls and Coils


This Valentine’s Day, take a little extra time to show your natural curls and coils some love with a deep conditioning treatment using your Q-Redew! Your hair will love the added moisture, and you will adore how healthy your strands will look.


To deep condition with your Q-Redew:


Divide your hair into as many sections you’d like. Then, while working in sections, apply your favorite moisturizer to your hair. For best results, use products with water listed as a primary ingredient.


Using your Q-Redew steamer, apply warm mist to the length of your hair in each section. Unlike a hooded steamer where you need to wait for the steam to penetrate all layers of your hair, when using the Q-Redew you are efficiently moving the steam across the surface of each section. You will immediately feel hair warm and soften.


In this video, Kelsey Janae shares how she uses the Q-Redew to deep condition.


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