Will the Q-Redew work for me?

How will it work for me?

The Q-Redew can be used on all hair types to reshape and refresh. Importantly, the Q-Redew offers a quick, convenient rejuvenation experience when and where you need it. You control the how much steam to achieve the styling solution your unique hair needs on any unique day.

Type 4 A/B/C hair?

Conveniently deep condition, hydrate, detangle and stretch your hair with steam. The Q-Redew is an alternative to the time consuming hooded steamer and drippy spray bottles. It is convenient enough for daily use on dry hair. 

"I used it to detangle my 4C hair on wash day and I’ve been taking pics of how much hair I lose on wash day."

Type 3 A/B/C hair?

Quickly refresh, reshape, and revive limp curls by adding steam from ends to roots or just where you need it. Use the prongs of the Q-Redew to help distribute the steam just like the prongs of a diffuser on a hairdryer. Let hair cool before touching to avoid frizz.

"It’s gentle on my 3B hair, leaves it hydrated and soft. I’m honestly mad I waited so long to buy it."

Type 2 A/B/C hair?

Use the Q-Redew to lift the hair at the roots, reshape curls, and enhance texture. Great for a late day or second day hair boost. The steam will help you get the best deep condition your hair will ever have!

"I have thin, wavy-curly 2A hair and this product works great for me. Made it soft and hydrated."

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