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Q-Redew 100% Silk Pillowcase

Q-Redew 100% Silk Pillowcase
  • Q-Redew 100% Silk Pillowcase
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Q-Redew 100% Silk Pillowcase -

Natural Hair Health While You Sleep! 

There is nothing like a 100% silk pillowcase for hair and skin health! How do silk pillowcases help hair? Unlike cotton, silk pillowcases decrease friction and retain your hair’s moisture, resulting in decreased frizz, tangles and dryness. As an added bonus - silk also benefits the skin, decreasing friction and dryness normally caused by cotton, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases. Silk pillowcases are great for natural, curly hair of all lengths and styles.

Want a great night’s sleep and a great head of hair in the morning? Try the best silk pillowcase for your hair from Q-Redew today!

Product Description:

The Q-Redew Silk Pillowcase fits the standard pillow size (20 x 26 in) and is made with 100% natural mulberry silk. The pillowcase features a zipper closure to securely hold it in place.