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Q-Redew ambassadors are influencers, bloggers, vloggers, hair stylists, and natural hair enthusiast who love to create natural hair, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content for their social media platforms. Ready to add the benefits of Q-Redew steam to your haircare routine? Want to share your Q-Redew experience with your followers and earn a commission? Keep reading.


  • A minimum of 7,500 followers on any of the following social media channels to be considered for the Q-Redew Ambassador Program: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
  • A 3 percent or higher engagement on social media platforms.
  • Production of high quality images and video.
  • A completed application form and agreement to the terms and conditions
  • You must LOVE the Q-Redew Hair Steamer!


  • A complimentary Q-Redew Gift Box including the Q-Redew hair steamer AND Q-Redew accessories for you to use in the creation of your Q-Redew content.
  • A 15% off unique discount code for you to share with your followers to promote sales on
  • A 20% commission of sales made using your unique 15% off code.
  • Q-Redew sponsored giveaways on ambassador platforms.
  • Receive priority access to new Q-Redew products.
  • Cross promotion on Q-Redew’s social media and website.
  • An opportunity to grow your following and further your opportunities as an influencer.
  • As a Q-Redew ambassador team member we support one another, share ideas, cheer each other on, and love our coils, kinks and curls!


  • Share to your social media platforms creative videos and images using your Q-Redew to restyle, detangle, stretch, deep condition, refresh…. The Q-Redew is multipurpose!
  • Post your before and after Q-Redew pictures.
  • Share your unique promo code.
  • Tag @qredew and #qredew and #powerofdew in your Q-Redew related posts.
  • Enjoy the process!


Introduce yourself by completing the online Q-Redew ambassador application. We will promptly review and notify you of approval.

  • Upon approval you will receive a unique promo code and a shareable link. The code or link will provide your followers with a 15% off discount. Each time it is used you will receive a 20% commission on the sale.
  • Once you have reached a minimum of $100 USD in earned commissions ($500) in sales using your code) you will receive a payment.
  • Payments are made via PayPal or check between the 1st and 10th of the month.
  • We hold payments for 30 days to account for orders that are returned for refunds and chargebacks.