Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer

Q-Redew & Curly Girl the Handbook
  • Q-Redew & Curly Girl the Handbook
  • Q-Redew & Curly Girl the Handbook
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Q-Redew & Curly Girl the Handbook -


The perfect combination for every naturally curly girl, the Q-Redew Handheld Steamer and completely revised Curly Girl the Handbook will provide invaluable information to those just beginning their curly journey and those well on their way.

The Curly Girl Handbook is packed with unique and fail-proof hair-care methods, inspiration, and an empowering pro-curl attitude. It’s all here: daily routines for Botticelli, fractal, and wavy curls; Lorraine’s no-more-shampoo epiphany—handle your hair as gently as you do your best cashmere sweater; homemade lotions and potions.

Lorraine Massey, author and original “curly girl,” was essential in encouraging the development of the Q-Redew. You’ll love the humor and many tips in her popular book.

International Use

*The Q-Redew is 120 voltage 650 watts 60 Hz. Do not use power adaptors or convertors as they will damage the Q-Redew and the Manufacture's Warranty would not apply. Q-Redew Products is patent pending in the EU with intention of providing 240 voltage units in the future.


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