Enhance the health and beauty of your coils, kinks, curls, or waves with the benefits of hair steaming.

The original Q-Redew™ is an easy-to-use handheld hair steamer designed to help you quickly refresh and restyle your hair. Use the Q-Redew™ to hydrate, reshape, detangle, stretch, deep condition, and add volume.  FAQs

Just Steam. Just Minutes. Great Hair.

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Not for International Use

The Q-Redew is 120 voltage 650 watts 60 Hz. Do not use power adaptors or convertors as they will damage the Q-Redew and the Manufacturer's Warranty will not apply. Q-Redew Products is patent pending in the EU with intention of providing 240 voltage units in the future.

The Q-Redew Hair Steamer

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Wheat
Worth every penny. Detangle holy grail.

I have type 4 hair. So thick that even with a relaxer most think my hair is natural. Q-Redew is worth every dime. I purchased two extra water reserves at the time of purchase for ease of use and would recommend that strategy to anyone with thick hair, as a time saver. So good my mother wants me to buy a back up just in case.

Stacey Haynes
Excellent hand-held steamer

I highly recommend the q-redew for haircare and now I will highly recommend for awesome customer service as well.


Absolutely love it

Jacqueline Chatman

Truly Amazing!! I’m a hairstylist and counting.... 25+ yrs!! I have never seen anything like this. I’ve been natural 7yrs on and off. I don’t desire to shampoo my hair because the struggle is real. I also get injections in my wrist.The Q-renew has brought sexy back for me. I used the moroccan oil & hair mask. My hair is so soft and the elasticity is awesome. when I twisted my hair the moisture and shine was so impressive. My scalp felt so refreshing!! Wow. So much I could say but you guys get the picture!! It’s a life changer.


Totally love this hair steamer. It’s easy to use and I notice that with every use that it leaves my hair incredibly soft. Totally worth every dollar!

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