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Steam eliminates static and reshapes curls so people with loose curls and waves to kinky coils can have great second and third day hair without hassle

The Q-Redew Hair Steamer
Q-Redew handheld hair steamer
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How will hair steaming work for me?

  • 4 A/B/C Hair

  • 3 A/B/C Hair

  • 2 A/B/C Hair

  • Frizzy Hair

Type 4 curl patterns are very tight, tiny curls or zig-zags. Coils are the most fragile pattern and prone to shrinkage, dryness, and tangles. Steam will safely, without damage stretch and detangle hair in minutes.

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Curls range from loose spirals to tight corkscrews. Maintaining a healthy moisture level is necessary to the type 3 curls to achieve definition and clumping. Steam will quickly refresh and reshape second day hair while eliminating the crunchy dryness.

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Waves range from loose loops to S-patterns. Type 2 waves often lack volume and are easily weighed down by heavy products. Steam boosts volume and amplifies the wavy loops and S-shaped waves without additional products that weigh the hair down. 

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Frizzy hair occurs when hair lacks moisture. Individual hair strands do not clump together to form smooth waves or curls, instead creating an irregular, lackluster texture. Steam increases the moisture penetration and retention, improving shine and natural wave and curl pattern free of frizz. 

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People are Raving

  • Worth every penny!

    I purchased my Q-Redew steamer in 2016 because of a recommendation from a friend. Not only has it been a staple in my natural hair journey but it lasted me 6 years until it finally gave out. I will definitely be purchasing another one soon and recommend it for anyone who is natural. I have used the steamer for detangling, deep conditioning, refreshing/stretching/hydrating my curls daily and prep for trimming my ends. A lot of things have changed as I have been on my natural hair journey but this steamer has always been a part of my story. I have 3C/4A low porosity hair.

  • Restored my Desert Dry Hair

    I lived in the desert for three years and my hair broke off as a result of the dry air. I wish I would have known of this product when I was there. I bought it when I loved back to the east coast and it’s been a life saver! Thank you so much for creating this, especially for curly hair women!!

  • Worth it! Buy it!!

    I’ve had my steamer since 2017 and its still working!! I used to be a loose natural but now I’m loc’d and I use it for my locs to help keep them moisturized & soft. I also use the steamer once a week for my face when I’m putting a face mask on. Definitely worth the buy & price.

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Our Hydration Experts are here to help

There's so much power in dew and specifically in the Q-Redew. Peep how many different ways this hand-held steamer can help transform your hair.

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What Q-Redew is all about

  • The Q-Redew Hydration Experts are a team of professional engineers, designers, and quality manufacturers.

  • We're on a mission to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, naturally. We want you to love your hair just the way it is.

  • We love our products and we believe you will too. If you're not 100% satisfied, you can return your undamaged purchase within 30 days.

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“Our pick: the Q-Redew Handheld Steamer...The result: shiny, healthy, hydrated, happy hair. Do a few dramatic hair tosses in the mirror. Now go stop some traffic.”

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