About Us

Hello and welcome to everyone from our ever growing Q-mmunity!

My name is Heidi, and I am the inventor and founder of the Q-Redew Hand Held Steamer. Wondering where the Q-Redew idea came from? This is our story.

I needed a way to quickly and conveniently reshape my curls and increase volume and texture without saturating my hair with water. I wanted great second and third day hair without all the hassle because isn’t that what all of us curly girls want? Beautiful curly hair that is easier to shape and style.

One cold and dry winter day I had a “eureka” moment! What if I could infuse just the ideal amount of steam to give me that perfect hair day – any day? What if I could use steam to my advantage to eliminate static and reshape curls and do this quickly conveniently, and naturally?

My journey began… I shared my original prototype with my friends and received an overwhelmingly positive response. This tool would save time and keep hair healthy and beautiful. My husband Tom joined me in the development of the Q-Redew. After years of collaboration with professional engineers, designers, and quality manufacturers we are proud to bring you the Q-Redew Handheld Steamer.

When we launched the Q-Redew, women with 4C hair immediately embraced the Q-Redew and taught me so much about the hair care needs of coily, kinky, and afro hair.  As we've grown, we've hired team members reflective of our market to manage key business functions, including product development, strategy, and marketing, & fulfillment.

Whether you have straight hair, loose curls and waves, or kinky coils the Q-Redew will be a welcomed addition to your styling routine. We hope all of you who struggle with your curls will love this product as much as I loved creating it!



Q-Redew Inventor/Founder