Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer

We are happy to help with any concerns including shipping, Q-Redew usage and troubleshooting. 

If you are experiencing a problem with your Q-Redew we have a few troubleshooting techniques to try.  
Little to no steam? It may be time to clear the unit of minerals and debris that maybe clogging the unit. This can happen even if a unit is not used often. The water evaporates in the tubing leaving behind the minerals to harden. There is a simple solution. Dilute 1 teaspoon of white household vinegar (not apple cider vinegar) into the reservoir water and run it through the Q-Redew. This can clear any blockage and the steam will flow again.

1. Add the vinegar to the reservoir and dilute with water. 
2. Attach the reservoir to the Q-Redew.
3. Plug in the unit.
4. When the light goes from blinking to steady, pull the trigger and let the motor run for a about a minute.
5. If you get steam, great. Change the reservoir to just water and you are ready to steam.
6. If you do not get steam, unplug the unit and let it rest overnight.
7. In the morning reheat and pull trigger again.
Using tap water may contain high levels of minerals including calcium. Using distilled water does decrease the buildup over time.

*If this does not resolves the steam flow problem as intended, there are other measures we can take to get it steaming again. Please message us.
Red light continues to flash and does not go solid? Please contact support@qredew with your order number or the name and address in which your order was placed.
Intermittent steam? Be sure you are holding the unit with the prongs up during use. Tipping the prongs down can interfere with the water flow.
If you need further assistance, please leave a message with your order number (or name and address in which the order was placed) and a description of the problem. A member of our team will promptly respond.

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