Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Q-Redew?

The original Q-Redew is a unique, convenient handheld hair steamer specifically designed to help you quickly detangle, hydrate, reshape, stretch, enhance a deep conditioning treatment, rejuvenate, add moisture, and boost texture and volume. The Q-Redew can be used to moisturize and restyle hair between cleansing days without saturating the hair with water. 

The Q-Redew can be used on wet or dry hair. Used on dry hair it leaves your hair dry. Unlike spraying room temperature water on hair which just sits on the surface until it evaporates, the warm steam penetrates the hair shaft making the hair soft and pliable so you can safely manipulate it.

Whose idea was this?

The Q-Redew is the invention of a naturally curly haired mother of three to fill a void in her own haircare routine. A fan of second day hair and the curly girl method she needed a way to reshape and refresh without the hassle of getting her hair wet.

How does the Q-Redew work?

The Q-Redew works by adding warm steam as mist to the hair to warm and soften the hair -preparing it for detangling, styling, deep conditioning.

How long does it take to use the Q-Redew?

Just minutes! Fill the Q-Redew water reservoir with distilled water and heat in 30 seconds. A few passes over each strand is all your hair will require.

Where can I use the Q-Redew? Is it portable?

Home or travel… Use the Q-Redew Virtually Anywhere. The Q-Redew is an electric styling appliance, and can be used wherever a conventional AC outlet can be found. 

*The Q-Redew is 120 voltage 650 watts 60 Hz. Do not use power adaptors or convertors as they will damage the Q-Redew and the Manufacture's Warranty would not apply. Q-Redew Products is patent pending in the EU with intention of providing 240 voltage units in the future.

Will the Q-Redew work for me?

The Q-Redew can be used on all hair types and textures to restyle or hydrate. 

Won’t the Q-Redew make my hair frizzy?

The Q-Redew’s unique trigger and prongs allows you to control the volume and location of the steam – so you apply the amount that just feels right to you limiting unwanted frizz. If you suffer from  frizzy hair, the Q-Redew may unfortunately increase frizz. With frequent steam treatments using the Q-Redew the moisture levels of the hair will improve resulting in less frizz over time. Frizz is caused by dry hair looking for moisture. May we suggest using a gentle hair care routine that promotes healthy hair as your first defense against frizz.

Will the Q-Redew damage my hair?

The Q-Redew will not damage your hair. The Q-Redew’s steam application is 100% natural – free of chemicals or ingredients that can build up on hair and cause damage. In addition, unlike other heat styling tools that can damage the hair’s cuticle by drawing moisture out of the hair, the Q-Redew’s steam is good for the long-term health of your hair by adding moisture.

Will the Q-Redew work on my permed hair?

The warm mist will activate your permed hair the same way it activates naturally curly/wavy hair

Will the Q-Redew help make my straight hair curly?

The Q-Redew will not make straight hair curly. 

My hair texture is 4c? Is the Q-Redew right for me?

Yes. Many clients enjoy the use of steam to moisturize, detangle, and stretch highly textured hair.

Can I control the temperature of the Q-Redew’s mist?

The Q-Redew delivers one consistent steam temperature. You control the distance between the tool and your hair to control heat intensity. In addition, the spacers provide natural separation between the tools steam outlets and your scalp.

How much water does the Q-Redew’s reservoir hold?

The detachable Q-Redew holds approximately 3 ounces of tap water. This is typically good for nine minutes of continuous use. Refilling is easy – just add water to the reservoir, no need to reheat the Q-Redew.

What can I put in the Q-Redew’s reservoir? Can I add scents or oils?

Only water should be put in the Q-Redew’s reservoir. Distilled water is best to prolong the life of your unit. Anything other than water will cause irreparable damage to the inner workings of the Q-Redew.

Can I use other products with the Q-Redew?

Absolutely. With gels, shampoos, mouses, etc, simply use them to your hair as you typically do. The steam will reactivate water based products that you have applied earlier. The Q-Redew is a nice compliment to our existing “tool kit” of hair care products and appliances.

What if my hair is already damaged?

Damaged hair equals frizzy hair. The Q-Redew is a good start to decreasing some of the damage causing routines many women put their hair through. We suggest being kinder and gentler to your hair. Choose your cleansing, conditioning, and styling products carefully. Avoid over washing, drying, heat emanating tools. Let the Q-Redew be part of the solution. Begin with a steam conditioning treatment using the Q-Redew!

Will the Q-Redew reactivate my product?

Water soluble products already in your hair will reactivate with the steam.

Can I use the Q-Redew on my kids?

You can use the Q-Redew on children.  However children should not use the Q-Redew on their own.

What if my Q-Redew is not making as much steam as it once did?

The Q-Redew comes with a flushing kit and easy use instructions. The flushing kit provides a simple solution for clearing the Q-Redew of minerals or deposits that may be blocking the steam flow.

Another simple solution is to dilute a teaspoon of white household vinegar into the reservoir water and run it through the unit. The vinegar will clear mineral deposits and the steam will flow again. The use of distilled water decreases the buildup of minerals.

1. Add the vinegar to the reservoir and dilute with water. 
2. Attach the reservoir to the Q-Redew.
3. Plug in the unit.
4. When the light goes from blinking to steady, pull the trigger and let the motor run for a about a minute.
5. If you get steam, great. Change the reservoir to just water and you are ready to steam.
6. If you do not get steam, unplug the unit and let it rest overnight.
7. In the morning reheat and pull trigger again.

If this does not resolves the steam flow problem as intended, there are other measures we can take to get it steaming again. Please contact us at

Is the Q-Redew Returnable?

Q-Redew has a 30 day return for refund policy. The buyer is responsible for return postage. Please contact for return instructions.


Please refer to the Warranty Policy. Q-Redew Products will repair or replace a Q-Redew in the event of workmanship defects, in accordance with the Warranty Policy.