Q-Redew Steamer

What is a Q-Redew hair steamer?

The original Q-Redew is a unique, convenient handheld hair steamer designed to help you quickly detangle, hydrate, reshape, stretch, enhance a deep conditioning treatment, rejuvenate, add moisture, and boost texture and volume. The Q-Redew can be used to moisturize and restyle hair between cleansing days without saturating the hair with water.

The Q-Redew can be used on wet or dry hair. Used on dry hair it leaves your hair dry to the touch. Unlike spraying room temperature water on hair which sits on the surface until it evaporates, the warm steam temporarily opens the hairs cuticle allowing the moisture to actually penetrate the hair shaft. The steam warms and softens the hair so you can proceed without damage.

How does the Q-Redew work?

The Q-Redew works by adding warm steam to the hair to warm and soften the hair -preparing it for detangling, styling, deep conditioning, refreshing.

Will the Q-Redew work for me?

Yes! The Q-Redew can be used on all hair types and textures to restyle or hydrate.

Whose idea was this?

The Q-Redew is the invention of a naturally curly haired mother of three to fill a void in her own haircare routine. A fan of second day hair and the curly girl method she needed a way to reshape and refresh without the hassle of getting her hair wet.

How long does it take to use the Q-Redew?

Just minutes! Fill the Q-Redew water reservoir with distilled water and heat in 30 seconds. A few passes over each strand is all your hair will require.

Where can I use the Q-Redew? Is it portable?

Home or travel… Use the Q-Redew Virtually Anywhere. The Q-Redew is portable and can be used wherever a conventional AC outlet can be found.

*The Q-Redew is 120 voltage 650 watts 60 Hz. Do not use power adaptors or convertors as they will damage the Q-Redew and the Manufacture's Warranty would not apply. Q-Redew Products is patent pending in the EU with intention of providing 240 voltage units in the future.

Is a hair steamer different than a garment steamer?

Designed by our Hydration Experts specifically for your hair and scalp, not your clothes and drapery! Carefully engineered to provide you with low temperature, comfortable steam with no hot water spits. The patented prongs lift and separate your hair to help disperse the steam and facilitate detangling and styling. The prongs also enhance comfort by keeping the steam outlets a safe distance from your scalp.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes we do! Gift cards are make awesome stocking stuffers!

More about hair steaming

What are the benefits of steaming my hair?

Steaming promotes hair growth. The process of steaming can help your hair reach its maximum potential. Steaming increases blood flow to the scalp, which is the source of hair growth.

Steam adds moisture. Steam temporarily opens the cuticle of the hair to allow moisture to penetrate. Steaming can be added to your hair care routine to provide moisture and hydration without re-wetting your hair.

Steam aids in moisture absorption. Steaming while deep conditioning opens up the hair cuticle allowing your conditioning product to penetrate the hair shaft, leaving you with soft, moisturized hair!

 Steam warms and softens the hair allowing for maintenance and styling free of damage.

How often should I steam my hair?

Since the Q-Redew Handheld Steamer adds warm moisture to the hair and does not cause damage, the steamer can be used as often as needed. Unlike a hooded steamer that requires a 20- 30 minute session the Q-Redew requires only minutes for the same benefits avoiding hygral fatigue. Your steamer can be used every day for refreshing your style. Depending on your moisture needs add a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly deep condition session!

Should low porosity hair be steamed more frequently?

Low porosity hair has a cuticle that lays flat and tight making it difficult for moisture to enter the strands. The steamer is perfect for low porosity hair because steam temporarily opens the hair cuticles to allow moisture to penetrate the hair strand. Without the steam the product tends to sit on the surface of the hair strand.

Should I steam my hair more often if I have color?

Keeping your hair moisturized is a critical part of maintaining your color treated hair and keeping it healthy. Once your hair is colored, it is more prone to dryness and damage. Use your Q-Redew Handheld Steamer to infuse moisture into your hair’s cuticle.

How can I make my deep conditioning treatment more effective?

Deep conditioners work best when paired with steam! The warm steam opens up the hair cuticle to allow the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. After applying the Q-Redew Deep Moisture Masque to damp hair and scalp, follow up with the Q-Redew Hair Steamer to increase absorption.

Does hair steaming help with hair growth?

The steaming process increases blood flow which is the source of hair growth. Pair with growth inducing essential oils and massage to give yourself a relaxing steam treatment to improve blood circulation and promote growth.

Can I get heat damage from the Q-Redew?

Unlike tools that provide dry heat like blow dryers and flatirons, the Q-Redew will not cause heat damage. The Q-Redew adds moisture to the hair leaving the hair hydrated and healthy.

Is the Q-Redew a hair dryer?

The Q-Redew will not dry your hair. The Q-Redew releases steam, not air. It will make your hair soft, warm, and a bit damp, but not wet to the touch.

Will the Q-Redew work for me?

Will the Q-Redew make my hair frizzy?

You apply the amount that just feels right to you limiting unwanted frizz. Frequent steam treatments using the Q-Redew improves the moisture levels of the hair and will result in less frizz over time. Frizz is caused by dry hair looking for moisture. May we suggest using a gentle hair care routine that promotes healthy hair as your first defense against frizz.

Will the Q-Redew damage my hair?

The Q-Redew will not damage your hair. The Q-Redew’s steam application is 100% natural – free of chemicals or ingredients that can build up on hair and cause damage. In addition, unlike other heat styling tools that can damage the hair’s cuticle by drawing moisture out of the hair, the Q-Redew’s steam is good for the long-term health of your hair by adding moisture.

Will the Q-Redew work on my permed or relaxed hair?

The warm mist will add moisture to your permed or relaxed hair. We suggest adding a deep conditioning treatment enhanced with steam to get maximum hydration to the hair. While relaxed hair can suffer from dryness and damge, steam and a deep moisture masque can replenish the moisture.

Will the Q-Redew help make my straight hair curly?

No, the Q-Redew will not make straight hair curly.

Will the Q-Redew work on my 4c hair?

Yes! Many clients enjoy the use of steam to moisturize, deep condition, detangle, and stretch highly textured hair.

Can I control the temperature of the Q-Redew’s mist?

The Q-Redew delivers one consistent steam temperature. You control the distance between the tool and your hair to control heat intensity. In addition, the spacers provide natural separation between the tools steam outlets and your scalp.

How can I use the hair steamer with my deep conditioner?

For thicker hair we recommend that you work with hair in sections.Apply your Q-Redew Deep Moisture Masque toclean,damp hair and scalp. To increase absorption of the treatment steam each section from root to ends until hair feels warm and soft. It will only take a couple of passes of steam on each section. Leave masque in for 10-20 minutes before rinsing. Check out our tutorials page for some walk throughs.

How to use the Q-Redew

How much water does the Q-Redew's reservoir hold?

The detachable Q-Redew holds approximately 3 ounces of tap water. This is typically good for nine minutes of continuous use. Refilling is easy – just add water to the reservoir, no need to reheat the Q-Redew.

What can I put in the Q-Redew's reservoir? Can I add scents or oils?

Only water should be put in the Q-Redew’s reservoir. Distilled water is best to prolong the life of your unit. Anything other than water will cause irreparable damage to the inner workings of the Q-Redew.

What products can I use with the Q-Redew?

Use gels, shampoos, mouses, etc, simply use them to your hair as you typically do. The steam will reactivate water based products that you have applied earlier. The Q-Redew is a nice compliment to our existing “tool kit” of hair care products and appliances.

What if my hair is already damaged?

Damaged hair equals frizzy hair. The Q-Redew is a good start to decreasing some of the damage causing routines many women put their hair through. We suggest being kinder and gentler to your hair. Choose your cleansing, conditioning, and styling products carefully. Avoid over washing, drying, heat emanating tools. Let the Q-Redew be part of the solution. Begin with a steam conditioning treatment using the Q-Redew!

Will the Q-Redew reactivate my product?

Water soluble products already in your hair will reactivate with the steam.

Can I use the Q-Redew on my child's hair?

Absolutely! You can use the Q-Redew on children. However children should not use the Q-Redew on their own.

How to Deep Condition with Q-Redew

How do I deep condition with Q-Redew steam?

Start with freshly cleansed hair. Divide hair into 4-6 sections. Apply deep conditioner/masque to a section. Steam section from root to end. Steaming the section for several seconds until hair feels warm and soft. It won't take long! Clip the steamed section and move on to next section. Once all sections have been steamed wait 10-20 minutes before rinsing with water. Option to cover hair after steaming before rinsing. Check out our Moisture Masque to elevate your hydration power.

What is the difference between a hair mask (masque) and a deep conditioner?

A hair mask (masque) and deep conditioner are often used interchangeably. Both will soften and add moisture to the hair. A mask (masque) will penetrate the hair deeper adding strength to the hair strands.

Can I deep condition everyday?

You can deep condition weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as needed. However if you notice your hair feels limp and is not holding the curl pattern, you may be deep conditioning the hair too often. More is not always better!

Can deep conditioner be left in overnight?

It is not necessary to leave a conditioning treatment on overnight. Follow the label instructions, but typically no more than 30 minutes is required to achieve maximum benefits.

Can deep conditioner replace my regular conditioner?

We don't recommend ditching your regular conditioner. Deep conditioner and daily conditioner are different formulations.

Is deep conditioner good for natural hair?

Deep conditioner/masque is excellent for natural hair, which tends to be dry. Adding moisture prevents breakage and enhances shine.

Maintenance of the Q-Redew

My Q-Redew turns on but doesn't steam. What can I do?

It is moist likely debris and minerals from the water that are blocking the steam flow. Included with your Q-Redew is a flushing kit (a small squeeze bottle with tubing) and instructions. It is a simple process to flush the unit clear of debris.

What is the best way to store my Q-Redew?

To store the unit-unplug the unit, but do not wrap the cord around the unit. Shake the excess water out of the reservoir. Q-Redew does offer a Q-Redew storage bag that provides for clean, convenient storage of the Q-Redew with additional room for your favorite accessories.

What if my Q-Redew is not making as much steam as it used to?

The Q-Redew now comes with a flushing kit and easy use instructions. The flushing kit provides a simple solution for clearing the Q-Redew of minerals or deposits that may be blocking the steam flow.

Can I put oil in my Q-Redew?

No. Water (preferably distilled water) is the only thing that can be put into the Q-Redew. Oils and other products will damage the Q-Redew.

How do I clean my Q-Redew?

The key to cleaning the Q-Redew steamer is white vinegar. You won’t be thrilled with the results of apple cider or malt vinegar. The vinegar has the natural ability to clear the mineral deposits and the steam will flow again. For good preventative measures, use distilled water to significantly decrease the buildup of minerals. If the blockage is being stubborn, let the vinegar sit inside the Q-Redew overnight before clearing with distilled water.

If you experience reduced steam or the steam stops altogether, follow these steps:

Usually, it is the buildup of mineral deposits that are interfering with the steam flow, due to using tap water instead of distilled water.

To break up the buildup:

Dilute a teaspoon of white household vinegar into the reservoir water and run it through the unit.Run a few of reservoirs of distilled water through the Q-Redew afterward to remove the vinegar and its scent.

Shipping, Returns, Warranties & Payment

What is the return-for-refund policy?

Q-Redew has a 30 day return for refund policy. Shipping fees are not refundable. The buyer is responsible for return postage. Please contact support@qredew.com for return instructions.

Does the Q-Redew steamer have a warranty?

The steamer has a one year manufacture's warranty. Q-Redew Products will replace a Q-Redew deemed defective. Most often the Q-Redew just needs to be cleared of debris. We are happy to troubleshoot with you. Our support team can be found at support@qredew.com.

How will my order ship?

Q-Redew ships via USPS (Estimated 2-7 days to delivery). Orders over $90 ship free! Q-Redew ships orders within 2 business days of order being placed. The buyer will receive a confirmation email with tracking information upon shipment of the order. Shipments are delivered by a USPS carrier. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide a shipping address where the delivery can be left securely. Q-Redew is not responsible for missing shipments scanned by USPS as delivered to the provided address.

Express mail rate is $40.00 (1-2 days to delivery from date of shipment). All orders are processed and shipped in 1-2 business days. Please note that express delivery dates are not guaranteed by USPS and express shipping is not refundable.

We ship to Canada via USPS International Priority Mail. Lightweight orders under 2 lbs ship for US $18, 2-3.9 lbs ship for US $32, and 4+ lbs ship for US $42. Please note the buyer is responsible for any additional fees, taxes or duties. Canadian shipments have been taking as long as 30 days to deliver.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept: All major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover & Diners Club.

We also accept: Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Venmo, &PayPal.

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Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at support@qredew.com

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