Q-Redew Reviews & Testimonials

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Just went out / must have

So I had to write a review because I purchased my steamer around 8 years ago and used it faithfully. Definitely worth every penny. I now have to purchase another because it just stopped working which I honestly didn’t expect it to last as long as it did. Definitely a must have if you have kinky/coily hair :)

Best hair investment

I recently started using this as my hand held steamer for my deep conditions while I travel. It is so handy, goes in my luggage easy. I also use it for twist outs and detangling my hair. It is the best multi purpose tool you can use. Did I mention I have 4 c hair? It makes detangling my hair a breeze! Absolutely one of the best hair investments you can have.

Q-Redew is my Go-To for everyday!

Since my first purchase of this hair steamer in November 2015, my hair is happy, healthy, always moisturized. A few months later in February 2016, I purchased another one as a birthday gift for my niece. I can't imagine living without this steamer. I use it to style, enhancing the deep conditioning process, detangling, refresh my style, etc. When my 7 year old steamer stopped emitting puffs of steam, I was sad for a moment. This 7 year old steamer lasted longer than my relationships! For that I am truly grateful and my hair has flourished. My period of grief did not last long. I jumped online and immediately ordered another one. I am loving my new Q-Redew hair steamer. May it give my hair many years of happiness and healthiness!

Worth every penny!

I purchased my Q-Redew steamer in 2016 because of a recommendation from a friend. Not only has it been a staple in my natural hair journey but it lasted me 6 years until it finally gave out. I will definitely be purchasing another one soon and recommend it for anyone who is natural. I have used the steamer for detangling, deep conditioning, refreshing/stretching/hydrating my curls daily and prep for trimming my ends. A lot of things have changed as I have been on my natural hair journey but this steamer has always been a part of my story. I have 3C/4A low porosity hair.

Worth it!! Buy it!!

I’ve had my steamer since 2017 and its still working!! I used to be a loose natural but now I’m loc’d and I use it for my locs to help keep them moisturized & soft. I also use the steamer once a week for my face when I’m putting a face mask on. Definitely worth the buy & price.

Moisture miracle

I love how the steamer gets the job done adding moisture to my very frizzy ,dry curls.


It was a Royal treatment

Stopped working

I have used my Qredew steamer once before last year. Now it is not working when I need to use it months later. There is no steam coming out of my steamer after allowing it to heat up for 30 minutes. I followed the user instructions step by step and it is not working. This is very disappointing.

Good for 367 days tops

It’s time for me to retire my @qredew. I’ve literally bought one every single year for the last 4 years. They literally only last until the day after the 1 year warranty runs out.

Restored my Desert Dry Hair

I lived in the desert for three years and my hair broke off as a result of the dry air. I wish I would have known of this product when I was there. I bought it when I loved back to the east coast and it’s been a life saver! Thank you so much for creating this, especially for curly hair women!!

The Perfect Pair! 💦

As a natural hair retail store, we love bringing sharing new products with our customers.

The Q-Redew + Deep Moisture Masque is the perfect combination for maximum hydration.

The new masque provides great slip and leaves your hair feeling pillow soft!

Worth every penny. Detangle holy grail.

I have type 4 hair. So thick that even with a relaxer most think my hair is natural. Q-Redew is worth every dime. I purchased two extra water reserves at the time of purchase for ease of use and would recommend that strategy to anyone with thick hair, as a time saver. So good my mother wants me to buy a back up just in case.

Excellent hand-held steamer

I highly recommend the q-redew for haircare and now I will highly recommend for awesome customer service as well.

Best Brush

Finally a brush for my 4c hair!


Absolutely love it

The Q-Redew Hair Steamer
Jacqueline Chatman

Truly Amazing!! I’m a hairstylist and counting.... 25+ yrs!! I have never seen anything like this. I’ve been natural 7yrs on and off. I don’t desire to shampoo my hair because the struggle is real. I also get injections in my wrist.The Q-renew has brought sexy back for me. I used the moroccan oil & hair mask. My hair is so soft and the elasticity is awesome. when I twisted my hair the moisture and shine was so impressive. My scalp felt so refreshing!! Wow. So much I could say but you guys get the picture!! It’s a life changer.


Totally love this hair steamer. It’s easy to use and I notice that with every use that it leaves my hair incredibly soft. Totally worth every dollar!

Q-Redew DewDry Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

This towel does exactly what its description says...it is extremely absorbent and boy does my hair dry very quickly! I love the way that I can wrap my hair up in it and do household chores!! I believe that I may purchase another!!

The Q-Redew Hair Steamer
Tiffany Culclager-Bifford
DewDetangle Detangling Brush

I am highly impressed with the detangling brush. I love it. I saw more curls in my hair than ever before after using the brush. My hair was easily detangled after use. I normally have an issue with getting my entire head detangled. I was really shocked to see my curls. My husband saw the difference. I get more compliments, which is also a conformation. It has also been a blessing for my 5 year old. She has really tight curls and her hair is thick. This brush works her as well. Prayers answered.

Necessary for the desert life

Q-redew has saved my hair! I moved from a very humid climate where my hair thrived to an arid one where my hair has suffered. Once I found q-redew my hair got softer despite the hard water in my home. I've been able to get my hair growing again instead of breaking off. Thank you

This product is great for all types!

5 stars this product is awesome.This detangling brush combs right through your hair without any problems.I have 4c hair (the tightest curl pattern) and it worked perfectly on my hair.It has an extra piece to go with it to space of the combs to your liking.It’s amazing,you can use it when your hair is wet or when it dry.You can use it in the shower while conditioning you hair.The product doesn’t break off unnecessary hair.The comb glides right through the hair.The is the best detangle brush I have encountered.

Love this thing!

With a baby in the house I have very little time for hair maintenance. Sometimes, I will start of my hair and have to finish the next day. With the steamer I can finish what I started even with bone dry hair. And it detangles wonderful. Love it.


PRO doesnt leave my hair sopping wet
PRO the steam isnt too hot but a comfortable warmth
PRO I use it to detangle, steam my hair and to steam my face
CON Nothing
I am waiting to try using it with a bit of rosemary essential oil, When I do I might come back to update how it works out.
I love it for my 4b/4a hair. Only the back and sides are 4a so I was intending on it working for my tight kinky crown. It doesnt pull my hair out when detangling with the steamers prongs. I get less hair than when detangling with conditioner and a rake comb in the shower. It really works well with the integrity of my hair because my individual strands are thinner on the perimeter as well.

Love everything about it

The QRedew is worth every penny. It adds moisture and softness to your hair.

Qredew love it

I purchased after watching so many good YouTube reviews. I feel it works for me the best when I am deep conditioning my hair. I love how warm and nice and moisturized my hair feels.