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It Does the Job

This steamer is a nice handheld version of my overhead steamer. However, I wouldn’t use it for long term steaming. It’s good to get that initial steam penetration but the water reserve compartment runs out so fast, I had to fill it up for each of the 4 sections during wash day. Overall I really like it, but I don’t absolutely love it


Absolutely love it


Truly Amazing!! I’m a hairstylist and counting.... 25+ yrs!! I have never seen anything like this. I’ve been natural 7yrs on and off. I don’t desire to shampoo my hair because the struggle is real. I also get injections in my wrist.The Q-renew has brought sexy back for me. I used the moroccan oil & hair mask. My hair is so soft and the elasticity is awesome. when I twisted my hair the moisture and shine was so impressive. My scalp felt so refreshing!! Wow. So much I could say but you guys get the picture!! It’s a life changer.


Totally love this hair steamer. It’s easy to use and I notice that with every use that it leaves my hair incredibly soft. Totally worth every dollar!

Wonderful for hair but keeps breaking :(

I would LOVE to give this product a 5 star rating, but I in good conscience cannot. I absolutely love what the Q-redew does for my hair. Helps moisturize and activate the curls no matter how dry my hair is. Unfortunately it is poorly constructed device that I have had to replace twice in a year span. I cannot wait until they fix wiring issues so I can truly enjoy the device. Especially for the price we pay I think I should get a few years out of the device before it malfunctions. I would like to add that I treat this thing like a child, making sure it is properly stored, but the cord disconnected from the base regardless of my care.


This towel does exactly what its description says...it is extremely absorbent and boy does my hair dry very quickly! I love the way that I can wrap my hair up in it and do household chores!! I believe that I may purchase another!!

DewDetangle Detangling Brush

I am highly impressed with the detangling brush. I love it. I saw more curls in my hair than ever before after using the brush. My hair was easily detangled after use. I normally have an issue with getting my entire head detangled. I was really shocked to see my curls. My husband saw the difference. I get more compliments, which is also a conformation. It has also been a blessing for my 5 year old. She has really tight curls and her hair is thick. This brush works her as well. Prayers answered.

Necessary for the desert life

Q-redew has saved my hair! I moved from a very humid climate where my hair thrived to an arid one where my hair has suffered. Once I found q-redew my hair got softer despite the hard water in my home. I've been able to get my hair growing again instead of breaking off. Thank you


I'm in the midst of transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. I'm 50/50 in the transition with below shoulder length hair; and I'm aiming to avoid the Big Chop. Q-Redew, has made my transition a smooth one. It does an awesome job moisturizing the natural hair, in between wash days. I use it mid-week and it easily extends my hair-do until the next wash day. I also use it the night before wash day for LOC and/or the Co-Wash method. Its been a life-saver... the only things which could or would make it better (and I'd give it 5 stars....) First, there's the learning curve on how to angle it, for best results (I had to watch a lot of You-tube videos, lol) Then a larger water reservoir would be great, but most importantly is the teeth should be smooth and not with a seam. For transitioning hair, the seam on the teeth can cause unnecessary breakage, and un-do stress on the hair strands. So, you must use it carefully and slowly. I generally hold it and allow the steam to penetrate the hair, and then use the detangling brush to comb throw the hair. I had no idea the detangling brush would work, but its like magic fingers to your coils. I love Q-Redew!!

This product is great for all types!

5 stars this product is awesome.This detangling brush combs right through your hair without any problems.I have 4c hair (the tightest curl pattern) and it worked perfectly on my hair.It has an extra piece to go with it to space of the combs to your liking.It’s amazing,you can use it when your hair is wet or when it dry.You can use it in the shower while conditioning you hair.The product doesn’t break off unnecessary hair.The comb glides right through the hair.The is the best detangle brush I have encountered.

Love this thing!

With a baby in the house I have very little time for hair maintenance. Sometimes, I will start of my hair and have to finish the next day. With the steamer I can finish what I started even with bone dry hair. And it detangles wonderful. Love it.

Pretty good

It helps to detangle my hair but its heavy and a bit hard to maneuver. It moisturizes really well but sometimes it will start to pop hot water as it pumps that you need to time and watch out for. Also have to keep refilling because the water compartment is so small. All and all It is a good steamer but it can definitely be better.


PRO doesnt leave my hair sopping wet
PRO the steam isnt too hot but a comfortable warmth
PRO I use it to detangle, steam my hair and to steam my face
CON Nothing
I am waiting to try using it with a bit of rosemary essential oil, When I do I might come back to update how it works out.
I love it for my 4b/4a hair. Only the back and sides are 4a so I was intending on it working for my tight kinky crown. It doesnt pull my hair out when detangling with the steamers prongs. I get less hair than when detangling with conditioner and a rake comb in the shower. It really works well with the integrity of my hair because my individual strands are thinner on the perimeter as well.

Love everything about it

The QRedew is worth every penny. It adds moisture and softness to your hair.

It's alright

I thought this would detangle my hair but it did not help with my knots and tangles. It feels good in my hair.

So far amazing

I live in Canada so this might be a contributing factor for late delivery because of that I have only had the chance to use it once but I must say it certainly did deliver. I Found deep conditioning and styling to be a lot easier than usual. Just one use and I’m impressed. Can’t wait to see my hair Flourish after serval uses.

Hard to maneuver

Bought this to detangle my daughter’s hair. It was hard to keep the button pressed while combing it through her hair so couldn’t get a steady stream of steam.

4C Hair Detangler

This hand held steamer has done an great job helping to detangle my 4C hair (shoulder blade length) before wash. It saved me so much time & heartache!! It's easy enough to use and you see results immediately. I only wish the reservoir for the water was bigger so I would not have to refill as often.

Qredew love it

I purchased after watching so many good YouTube reviews. I feel it works for me the best when I am deep conditioning my hair. I love how warm and nice and moisturized my hair feels.

Happy Customers

I used my Q Redew Microfiber Hair Turban today. I am very pleased with it. My hair was very soft and bouncy. There was no hair left in my hair turban. My hair dried quicker than usual.

Great for "got to get out the door hair

10 minutes of steaming followed by a little curl cream & I'm out the door with my chin length curls. Best refresh ever!!!

Love This Steamer!

This handheld steamer is amazing. I use it so much. It makes my hair feel soft and detangles so well. I love to use this steamer when I want to rehydrate my hair or when I want to deep condition my hair with my deep conditioner. This steamer is great! Definitely recommend it. Very thankful for this product!

Love it

It has helped detangling my hair so much easier. Leaving my hair very soft. . I use it almost everyday to rehydrate my hair.

Made Such A Great Difference In My Low Porosity Hair

Overly pleased using QRedew. My low porosity hair absolutely loves it. I have also seen considerable growth. Thank you so much for this fantastic hair steamer. It is truly a hair changer!!!!

This product is amazing!

I am in the process of growing my hair out from a tapered cut. My curl pattern is a bit more tight than it was prior to cutting everything off. The Q Redew helps me detangle my hair, which is quite thick, in half the time! I was able to detangle and twist my shoulder length hair in an hour using the Q Redew. Normally the process would take 2+ hours. Thank you Q Redew! I'm so glad I found this product!