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Perfect Dew-O Set

Nice product

This deep conditioner is amazing! It leaves my hair so soft. I love it.

This steamer is for the thick hair girls. My hair is short so be careful with your scalp. Nonetheless, this steamer hydrates your hair and allows moisture to form.

Moisture Masque Conditioning Hair Mask & Accessories Set

Love the bundle. Get more bang for your buck. The mask with steam has my hair hydrated and soft.

An amazing product for girls with thick, foresee hair! Truly makes the detangling process so much much easier and less harsh to the hair

8 years later

I got my steamer in 2016 and 8 years later it's still going strong. I use it as a face steamer and well.

10 years later…

I bought this in either 2013 or 2014 and I’m happy to report that it is still going strong!

I love this conditioner. My hair has maintained moisture and softness all week. I was truly surprised and grateful I found it.

I was confused at first but it was actually really easy to get it to start steaming. I loveee how soft and actually moisturized my hair felt after using this! My hair usually needs a lot for it to feel nice like that so this was a heaven sent 🩷

I am an advocate of having backup parts for things and this works well.

This handheld steamer is great for adding moisture into the hair along with the moisture conditioner.

Perfect Dew-O Set

I love it soooo much. Incredible thing for my hair

Made my hair easier to derange, felt the moisture in the strands

Works great.

Perfect Dew-O Set

I love it! I have a small space in my salon and it is compact and easy to store!

Perfect Dew-O Set

I've decided to let my grey grow out but it seems dryer than the black parts of my hair. Since using the Qredew my hair is so soft!! My grey's are now behaving beautifully!! Thank you for creating this wonderful product for home use!!❤️❤️

Just went out / must have

So I had to write a review because I purchased my steamer around 8 years ago and used it faithfully. Definitely worth every penny. I now have to purchase another because it just stopped working which I honestly didn’t expect it to last as long as it did. Definitely a must have if you have kinky/coily hair :)

I’ve used the steamer in the past and its great product and I am able to use it for different things such as detangling, deep conditioning, etc. My hair becomes very hydrated and moisturized during the week for cold weather.

The Q-Redew Hair Steamer
Marah Languedoc
Best hair investment

I recently started using this as my hand held steamer for my deep conditions while I travel. It is so handy, goes in my luggage easy. I also use it for twist outs and detangling my hair. It is the best multi purpose tool you can use. Did I mention I have 4 c hair? It makes detangling my hair a breeze! Absolutely one of the best hair investments you can have.

Perfect Dew-O Set

Works like a charm!

4c hair is able to absorb the and stay moisturized.

I love how soft this deep-conditioning mask made my hair feel! 😍


Q-Redew Deep Moisture Masque Hair Mask: 2 for $20

It is really thick and creamy. It has great coverage and left my hair soft and moisturized. I will definitely be buying again.