Reflections on Motherhoodtgmf

Reflections on Motherhoodtgmf


You often hear mothers of grown children say things like:

  • "Where did the time go?"
  • "Just yesterday they were babies."
  • "I blinked and they were graduating High School."

As mothers, we get caught up in our everyday lives and then somehow life seems to pass us by. Some days, it feels like everyone needs something from us. Mothers often feel overwhelmed and underappreciated. Our children need our attention, love, support, discipline, home cooked meals, carpooling and the list goes on. Our bosses need us to rise to a certain level of job productivity. Our husbands need our attention and devotion. Our friends need our support. This is just a few items on our daily task list. This overwhelming list goes on and on for many women. Sometimes motherhood can feel like a burden when we are packing lunches, getting breakfast, doing both our own hair and making sure our children are presentable before they leave our home. There is so much on a mother's daily to-do-list. How can we be so many things to so many people, with so much responsibility, and still find joy?

The hardest thing about motherhood is that there are no guarantees. Motherhood is always filled with surprises, both good and bad. The reality is motherhood is one of the hardest, most frustrating, most rewarding, and definitely one of the best things we have ever chosen in life. Even during the most difficult moments of motherhood, we don't regret being a mother.

Heidi, owner of Q-Redew has been through many seasons of motherhood and life. She is a mother. She is an entrepreneur and a business owner. She is a wife. She is a friend. The Q-Redew team has found the key to happiness is finding magical moments of joy in everyday life. Instead of viewing life as "what is next on the to-do-list," we have found ways to make joy manifest itself in every day moments.

Instead of "Cooking Breakfast" in the morning, some of us are viewing it as ways to "Cook Up Conversations with the family." Simple ways to appreciate life and change our perception of "Have to" to "Want to" has helped us find happiness. There is so much joy to be found in just living and embracing the normalcy of our lives. We encourage you to look at ways to transform everyday tasks into magical moments of meaning. Both you and your family will see the difference and the difference may just transform your life.