3 Natural Hairstyles We Love - Using the Q-Redew!

With the new year quickly arriving, we usually start looking at other new things we want to do and achieve in the year ahead – Maybe it’s a fitness or finance goal, or a fun challenge to try as many new beauty looks as you can! Q-Redew is a big fan of trying new styles and finding new ways to express yourself through your natural curls and coils. Here are a few of our favorite styles that not only look fabulous, but are made even easier with Q-Redew handheld steam.


Flat Twist-Out

Demonstrated here by Mo Knows Hair, the flat twist out is an easy way to restyle and old wash and go that’s not quite ready for washday. Plus, this refreshed style is definitely going to get you some compliments!


The Steamer Blowout

Demonstrated here by SimplyJade101, the steamer blowout is a heatless way to stretch and elongate curls to achieve a “blowout” look without the damage of using a hair dryer. Plus, the Q-Redew infuses moisture into your hair so you’re improving your hair’s health AND rocking a cute style.


Refreshed Wash And Go

Never thought you could revive that 3rd day hair? With the Q-Redew, you can! Check out this demo by Achanté Janelle. Your hair will look just as luscious as freshly washed hair. The Q-Redew’s steam will reactivate water-soluble products that are already in your hair. Add some leave-in conditioner or other products to smooth and define curls.


Looking for more Q-Redew friendly styling options? Check out our styling suggestions page and YouTube channel!

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