4 Tips for Traveling with Textured Hair

4 Tips for Traveling with Textured Hair

Hey curlies! The weather is finally warming up and that can only mean one thing... time to get away! To help you plan for your next vacation, we’ve put together four tips that should help you out while traveling with your curly/coily/kinky hair!

Bring Only Your Must-Haves

With the baggage charges the way they are these days, we’re all fitting everything we need into a carry-on when hopping on a plane. This means, as much as you might like to (product junkies! LOL!), you can’t bring your whole product stash along! Think about your “holy grail” products that you just can’t live without for everyday styling. If you’re going to be swimming, maybe bring along a co-wash, a leave-in conditioner and your favorite styler. Or maybe an all-around product like a curl refresher spray will do the trick. Whatever you decide, just keep it to a minimum so you can stay light. Grab a pack of those small TSA-approved bottles and jars to transfer a bit of your faves for your trip and be on your way!

Stay Ready but Keep it Simple

We curlies often like to switch up our hair but might overthink the whole process while traveling the same way we do with packing clothes, squeezing too many outfits into our suitcase so we’re prepared for every scenario. But keeping our vacay wardrobe simple makes choosing things easier (and our bag lighter!). Same goes for our hair tools and accessories. You might want to change up your hair while you’re away but think ahead about what you can use to make it simple. Hair pins, headbands and ponytail holders can save you in a pinch to create different looks while discovering new places. A couple versatile scarves can keep you cool during an evening stroll but can double as a stylish head wrap.

When it comes to hair tools, it makes sense to bring something that can do more than one job. The Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer is not JUST a steamer! It can refresh your 2-day old wash & go, you can deep condition using steam to replenish moisture after that swim, or stretch your kinks if you’re going for a new look! It does all this and more without the damage other styling tools may cause! Check out our Video Archive for helpful tutorials and style ideas!

Hair Needs Sunscreen Too!

If your getaway is taking you someplace warm and sunny, consider taking along some sun protection for your hair. Exposing our kinks or curls to the sun’s heat and UV rays can bring on unwanted dryness - not great for hair that’s already prone to dryness - which leads to split ends and breakage. While protecting your skin, don’t forget your hair!

These days there are hair products that actually contain sunscreen but one natural sunscreen that’s easy to get your hands on is coconut oil. Just a dab'll do so as not to weigh the hair down.

Install a Protective Style

The BEST way to make your hair care a breeze while traveling and cut down on the products and tools you’ll need is to just wear a protective style. Box braids, cornrows, twists, faux locs - anything that’ll keep you from having to deal with your hair… ‘cause that time can be better spent exploring and laying on a beach! But before you get that style, make sure you give yourself a nice cleanse and deep condition and then moisturize your hair well. The Q-Redew can help you prep for your style and give your products that extra oomph by opening up the hair cuticle to get them deep down where you need them. Take along a nice water-based spray moisturizer to refresh your scalp and maintain moisture every few days. When you remove your style, your hair should still be as soft and manageable as the day you left!

Below, Christina Vega uses her Q-Redew during her getaway for quick refresh! Don't forget to check out our Video Archive for more inspiration.



Going anywhere fun this season?! What are some things you make sure you have on-hand while traveling with textured hair?

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