How To with Your Q-Redew: Detangling

The Q-Redew has proven to be extremely versatile when it comes to improving the health of your hair. We have received rave reviews from people who have not only used their steamer for refreshing curls and adding moisture, but other aspects of hair care as well. One of these discoveries is how the Q-Redew has aided the detangling process. Here are just a few of the responses we’ve received from customers:

“This tool is great for detangling and moisturizing the hair. It cut my detangling time, and my hair is more manageable. I can section my hair much easier.” ~Jenelle

“I love this product for my long, thick, tangly, 4c hair. Detangling used to be a nightmare. Now my hair stays soft and moisturized. I even use less products now! Love it! Can't live without it now.” ~Ashley

“I love this thing! I have a very tightly coiled afro and before the Q-Redew I had issues detangling and styling my hair easily. It had to be soaking wet and covered in conditioner and it still came out damaged. The Q-Redew allows me to detangle, style, condition my hair with relative ease and convenience.” ~Marilyn

“It makes detangling a breeze. I was amazed at how the tangles were loosening and shed hairs came out with ease: normally my hair is a beast to detangle. Also it appeared that my pre poo coconut oil really penetrated my low porosity hair after using the Q-Redew to detangle and stretch my hair.” ~Tracy

The secret to Q-Redew’s detangling success is that you are detangling while hair is soft, moist and warm, but not saturated. You can quickly melt away tangles without damaging your hair. Ready to give it a try? Here’s a method you can use:

    1.Start with dry sectioned hair.

    2.Steam a section from root to end

    3.Use fingers or wide-tooth comb to detangle gently.

    4.Once the section has been thoroughly detangled, clip the section out of the way and move to the next section.

    5.Follow with cleansing and styling as desired


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