5 Simple Tips for Winter Hair Care

5 Simple Tips for Winter Hair Care

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The cold, dry air of winter can do a number on our hair. If it isn’t bad enough that curly textured hair craves moisture more than other types, we also have to deal with the lack of moisture in the atmosphere that comes with living through the cooler months. Thankfully, there are a few things you can put into practice to make sure your strands stay hydrated and healthy during the winter chill.

Deep Condition More

This is likely something you’re already doing but if your frequency is something like bi-weekly, don’t be afraid to step your deep conditioning or hair masking up to weekly as you see fit to make sure your hair stays on point throughout the winter. Both moisturizing and protein treatments can do well to maintain the health of your hair but moisture will be huge this season with the dry air.

Properly Moisturize Regularly

Speaking of deep conditioning for added moisture, the routine you have after cleansing and conditioning is just as important. Whether you do the L.O.C. (Liquid/Leave-in, Oil, Creme/Styler) method or some variation of it, make sure that it’s the right regimen for you and that you use the right products. This may take some trial and error but it’ll be well worth it. Be sure to pay special attention to the ends as they are the oldest part of your hair and are the first to get dry. Learning the characteristics - like the texture, density, porosity - of your hair along with research will help you choose the right ingredients for you.

If you learn that your hair has a low porosity - aka does not absorb moisture easily because of a closed cuticle layer - one of the best ways to ensure it receives sufficient moisture is by steaming. You can steam your hair while deep conditioning or as a treatment on its own for your strands to improve moisture. Warm steam opens up the hair cuticle so that it can receive moisture and then adds moisture at the same time. When used with your deep conditioners and masks, they make them even more effective. Our Q-Redew Handheld Steamer is unique in that you can use the prongs to to detangle the hair during your deep conditioning routine! It’s also great of you need to refresh a style but don’t want to soak or wash your hair just yet. You get just enough moisture without the hair being saturated and you can add your styling product and style as usual. Steaming is great for any texture!

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Use Heavier Sealants

Once winter hits, it may be good to use something heavier to seal in the moisture. But, again, make sure you use what’s best for your hair! If you have thin, fine hair, heavy oils and butters may only weigh it down. An oil like Jojoba (which is closest to our natural sebum produced by our scalp) is not too thick and can help create a nice barrier between the bitter, cold air and hair that’s fine. For thicker hair, you might be able to use avocado oil or shea butter as the last step in your moisturizing routine to help your hair stay hydrated longer.

Wear More Protective Styles

Not only does protective styling help you retain length but it aids in moisture retention as well. Styles that keep the ends tucked away will help keep the moisture right where you put it longer than if you keep your hair lose and exposed to the cold air.

Pay Attention to Hair Protection

How you protect your hair throughout the day and at night also plays a role in keeping your hair its healthiest throughout the cold season. You may not always think about it but winter hair care also includes what you wear on your head. Look for satin-lined hats or DIY your own for better hair protection from wool fabrics and cotton that can absorb the moisture from your hair. At bedtime, cover the hair with a satin/silk or similar scarf or bonnet or opt for a satin pillowcase to keep hair frizz-free and moisturized.

What are YOUR winter hair care tips? How do YOU make sure your hair stays looking its best this season?

Grab your very own Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer today and get on the road to hydrated, healthier hair!

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Felicia Johnson
Felicia Johnson

Have one, Love it! Use it to refresh my style or to change it before I have to shampoo again

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