Deep Condition w/ Sydney Lynn White

Deep Condition Routine with Sydney Lynn White

Her Curly Girls!

We know that you can never have enough tutorials on Deep Conditioning, especially when you are using the Q-Redew and Deva Curl products.

That is why we are featuring Sydney Lynn White's video, not just because she has beautiful curls, but because she has an easy to use deep conditioning routine where she takes you step by step through her routine. 

"The Q-Redew streamer has made a huge difference in the health of my hair. I have less frizz, more shine and it’s easier to manage!"

However before you begin her video make sure you have a few things:

  • Q-Redew Steamer 
  • Deva Curl Melt into Moisture
  • DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair

Once you have those things handy you can start by clicking the play button below! 

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