Is the Q-Redew for me?

Is the Q-Redew for me?

We’re often asked if the Q-Redew is right for a specific hair type or texture. The answer is always yes! Anyone can benefit from using steam as a part of their hair care regimen, but what you use it for and its versatility vary depending on personal taste.

A few quick notes before we go further. The Q-Redew will not make straight hair curly, but it will add volume and moisture, as well as help reduce frizz and static. The Q-Redew is intended to be used on dry hair and will leave your hair dry to the touch.

Straight Hair

You can use the Q-Redew to give your hair some lift at the roots and enhancing your texture. If you are looking for extra volume, you can use hair tools such as clips or rollers to help set your hair while you steam. The Q-Redew is wonderful for giving your hair a quick pick-me-up late in the day or use on bedhead for a fresh look.

Waves and Curls

The Q-Redew is a great way to quickly refresh, reshape, and revive limp curls by adding mist from ends to roots or just where you need it. All you need to do is use the prongs of the Q-Redew to place the steam directly where you’d like some rejuvenation. Think of it like you are using the prongs of a diffuser on a hairdryer, except instead of drying, you’re adding moisture.

Be sure to let your hair cool completely before touching to avoid frizz. After steaming, you can smooth any frizz or flyaways with a leave-in conditioner or gel gently applied to hair. An extra benefit of steaming your curls: The moisture your hair receives each time you use the Q-Redew will result in healthier frizz free curls over time.

4 A, B, C Textured Natural Hair

Give your hair that much needed moisture with Q-Redew steam! A simpler and more convenient alternative to hooded steamers and drippy spray bottles, a few minutes of targeted Q-Redew steam reactivates the products already on the hair and opens the cuticle allowing the moisture from the steam into the hair shaft.

Since the Q-Redew is a hand held tool you can quickly reach the deeper layers of your hair resulting in hydrated hair in minutes. Your hair is left soft, moisturized, and dry to the touch. Apply the steam where you need it followed by your favorite sealant to lock in the moisture. Q-Redew before bed with twists or braids, and wake up to softer moister hair.

Use the Q-Redew to reshape, restyle, and boost the volume of second day hair. Reshape a Wash n Go or TWA. Check out our styling suggestions page for ideas on how you can use your Q-Redew to revolutionize your hair care regimen.

Men’s Hair & Boy's Hair

Curly guys need moisture, too! Need a quick lift to get rid of rumpled curls or some help taming unruly frizz? The Q-Redew is compact enough that it can quickly and easily help out your morning routine without having to add a whole list of products or time consuming treatments to your day.

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