Honest Review of the Q-Redew

Honest Review of the Q-Redew

Honest Review of the Q-Redew

Hey Curly Girls!

This week we are switching out videos up a bit. We like to make sure that our girls are educated on all the benefits that the Q-Redew has to offer and try to share with you as many tips and tutorials that we can get our hands on. But this week we are going to be sharing with you an Honest Review of the Q-Redew by @Jasmine Akins.

There are a few reasons why we wanted to share her video with you.

  1. We love hearing your reviews! Not just for ourselves but for us to share with the world. Reviews make a huge difference when it comes to helping someone choose the Q-Redew as a product for their natural hair journey.
  2. WE LOVE JASMINE! Her Videos are wonderful. She is relatively new to Youtube and we are excited to feature her on this weeks blog. Once your done with this video check out her other ones, you won’t be disappointed.
  3. We really want our users to know that Q-Redew as a company is very understanding and that we want what is best for your hair. So if you ever run into issues with your Q-Redew contact us at support@qredew.com and we will try our best to help you resolve whatever issues you may be having.

"It is literally the best thing ever! It has changed my natural hair routine."

Before we go and send you to her video we have to add the reminder to follow @Jasmine Akins on all her social media platforms.

Facebook - Jasmine Akins

Instagram - Jasi_renee

YouTube - Jasmine Akins

Twitter - JasiSnika

Snapchat - Jasisnika

Now on to that video we have been bragging about!

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