How to get the perfect fro!

How to get the perfect fro!

How to get the perfect fro!

Shrinkage is no fun when hair becomes unmanageable, knotted and prone to breakage. Stretched hair is more pliable and easier to manage, plus, you get to show off more length.

Stretching is the act of elongating your hair with various techniques. It lets you maximize your hair’s length without the use of a flat iron. Stretching your natural hair is essentially the same as pulling a slinky a part- the coil is still there, just not so eager to bounce back immediately.

Q-Redew steam provides a safe alternative to the dry heat of a blow dryer to achieve stretched, elongated styles.

  • Divide hair in sections.
  • Working with hair in sections, gently comb through hair with prongs of the Q-Redew or your other hand applying gentle tension as you steam to elongate hair.

This week we are featuring a video from Harris Janae whose fro is perfect and we are excited to show you how she achieved it.

"A hair steamer like the Q-Redew adds moisture and strengthens the elasticity of hair. Using the Q-Redew is a great alternative for doing a blowout like stretching your hair, you can even deep condition with the Q-Redew. So if you want to know how to do a heatless blowout on natural hair using the Q-Redew than click on the video!"

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