Q-Redew Pre-Poo Routine w/ @CurlyHairAdventures

Q-Redew Pre-Poo Routine w/ @CurlyHairAdventures

Q-Redew Pre-Poo w/ @CurlyHairAdventures

Do you include a "pre-poo" in your hair routine? We took a little survey on our Instagram page and while some didn't really see the point of this step, others swear by pre-pooing - which usually includes detangling - to make for an easier wash day and to prep the hair for the shampoo process.

One of these is Paula of @curlyhairadventuresblog. Just a few scrolls through her page and you can see that this natural hair and travel blogger takes her hair care routine seriously. As we get deeper into the cold and dry air of winter, you might also consider adding the pre-poo step to your wash day to boost moisture this season. Below, Paula shares her regimen for making her curls manageable and ready for cleansing with her Q-Redew.

Check out her full product review and overall thoughts about the Q-Redew here on her blog! In short, Paula says, "I love the Q-Redew hand-held steamer and give it a 8/10. I’ve had it for over two years and it has become an integral part of my hair routine."

 Keep up with Paula on Instagram, Facebook and on her blog, Curly Hair Adventures.

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