Q&A with the co-owner of Q-Redew

Q&A with Heidi

Curly Conversations is a show that empowers women of color who embrace their naturally curly hair. Show topics include: Natural hair styling techniques, product recommendations, your weekly dose of confidence and more.

The inventor of the Q-Redew, Heidi Schmid, was fortunate enough to be a guest on the show. Victoria (ClassyCurlies) is not just someone behind the mic but a Q-Redew user herself and she had wonderful things to say.

What’s the story behind the Q-Redew?

The idea came out of my need, I had a void in my hair routine. I was having to soak my hair every day to achieve maximum curls and I was walking around feeling like a wet dog.  So one day I thought why can’t I steam my hair, not get it totally wet but give it the moisture it needs. The needs I was wanting from a hair steamer wasn’t available so my husband and I jumped in completely blind to create this product.

How did you know this hair steamer was going to work for all curly hair textures?

I didn’t. All I knew was I couldn’t be the only one with this problem and if I could find a unique solution that will solve their problem as well, then that is a valuable thing to try to achieve. There is going to be a need. I just didn’t know that it would work for all types until the product got out there and we started getting unbelievable feedback from women, especially those with really highly textured hair.

Thank you curly girls for stopping by and if you want to hear the full interview head over to http://bit.ly/2v0Y0Pj

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