Q-Redew Feature on Harper's Bazaar!

Q-Redew Feature on Harper's Bazaar!

We are super excited to fill you in on the latest Q-Redew mention in the media by one of the largest publications in the world, Harper's Bazaar!

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In the article "Everything You Need To Know About Hair Steaming", Bazaar writer Madge Maril helps break down exactly why hair steaming is so beneficial for all hair, but especially those of us with textured strands, with the help of a natural hair expert!

"I think for our textured and coily and curly girls the benefits are heightened a little bit, just because curls are a lot drier. And so with that added steam, the moisturizers that you've put on, they really, really, really plump those curls up and rejuvenate those curls."

You'll learn the science behind hair steaming and why it's not just about adding moisture to the hair. It's all quite interesting! The fact that the Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer is the only steamer specifically designed for hair that's mentioned is the icing on the cake!

P.S. if you're thinking a clothing steamer is just as good, you'll wanna read this article to get the scoop on that!

We're so proud of this mention as it confirms that Q-Redew is really filling a need in the hair care industry!

Check out the entire feature here!

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