Stretch & Re-Style: Bantu Knot-Out Curls w/ the Q-Redew

Stretch & Re-Style: Bantu Knot-Out Curls w/ the Q-Redew

There are times when you want to change up your hair style but your hair is not quite due for a wash. OR maybe you just don't feel like going through that whole process from the beginning but you wanna stretch your style a little longer. Enter the Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer!

The Q-Redew provides just enough moisture to (1) detangle and reshape your hair from your old/previous style, (2) stretch your hair to show off a little more length (3) hydrate the hair before adding product to seal and keep hair healthy.

That's the beauty of the Q-Redew - you can easily re-style your hair midweek without fully re-wetting it or jumping in the shower to give it wash. The steam can also reactivate any product you already have in your hair so that you will need to use little to none for your re-style. So you save time and product... Win-win!

In the video below, Shahntay of BrownSugarGlam demonstrates how she went from a style that reverted to a fro after a workout and shower to soft bantu knot curls with the help of the Q-Redew and our NEW detangling brush which helps smooth out those ends for a flawless finish.

Be sure to watch the full video here, follow Shahntay on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Join the #NoMoreDamageChallenge and be on the road to healthier hair! Add our new accessories to your Q-Redew for a full arsenal of healthy hair care goodies!



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