Stretch & Refresh Your Wash & Go With the Q-Redew!

Stretch & Refresh Your Wash & Go With the Q-Redew!

Rocking your defined curls, coils and kinks in a wash and go is a great, fun way to show off and embrace that natural texture. What's not so fun is waking up to flat, shrunken curls the next morning!

Thankfully, a little boost of steam can rescue your wash and go and give it some life. The Q-Redew gives your hair just enough moisture to help refresh any product you already have in your hair so no need to reapply or completely saturate your hair with water to start all over again. We want to make your life easier!

Here, Ebony of BrownSkinBeautiful demonstrates how she uses her Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer to give her wash and go some more length, volume and shape! If you're convinced that this hair tool is a game-changer, click here to join our #NoMoreDamageChallenge and be on the way to healthier hair today!

Ebony also uses her Q-Redew in two other ways: click here to see her steam blowout prep for a fluffy twist-out and here to see how she boosts moisture while deep conditioning.
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