The Q-Redew is for ALL!

The Q-Redew is for ALL!

This week we are happy to do this blog on Angel RoMa. If you don’t know who he is you are missing out! He made the decision to go natural and found out that there was not much out there for guys. So what was he to do? Make his own videos of course! And we are happy he did.

We added his first introduction video to this blog so that you can see and hear for yourself more about him.

“My channel will mostly be about Natural Curly Hair on men. Trying to offer another resource for other guys who are currently undergoing their own Journey. I will be posting video tutorials, product reviews, and other helpful information that I have found to enhance the natural curls that we have.”

Now having a channel geared toward natural haired men is awesome enough but you know that if natural hair is involved in something than the Q-Redew will be too! Angel does a video where we goes through his pre-poo ritual using Righteous Roots and the Q-Redew. We can tell from this video that he is definitely a fan of how well the Q-Redew detangles!

This video is fantastic for men that are looking for help on going natural and we are happy to be a part of it!



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