3 Reasons to Pre-Poo Your Hair with the Q-Redew!

3 Reasons to Pre-Poo Your Hair with the Q-Redew!

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Do you pre-poo your hair?

Lifestyle blogger Toia of ToBNatural tells us why pre-pooing has become a part of her routine and how her Q-Redew helps in the process!

To some, pre-pooing may seem to be an unnecessary step in the wash day routine but I’ve personally found that my hair has benefited by adding a pre-poo treatment to my hair care regimen, especially when I add steam. Let’s dig into three reasons you might wanna do the same!

Detangling is Easier

The main reason why we often dread wash day is because detangling our kinks, coils and curls seems never-ending! Detangling my hair would sometimes take an hour, especially if I had been wearing my it loose and it started shrinking up. Pre-pooing on its own (using a mask or deep conditioner) is beneficial but doing a pre-poo treatment with steam has helped give my hair the slip I need to gently detangle and remove any knots that may be lingering so I'm not dealing with them while shampooing in the shower. Pre-pooing is especially helpful after I've taken down a protective style that I'd been wearing a while. 

Makes Hair More Manageable

It makes sense that when our hair is more manageable, there is less chance of breakage when washing  and detangling... so this benefit goes hand-in-hand with the first! If your hair breaks less, there's a better chance of retaining length - a major problem for us kinky-haired girls. When I pre-poo with steam, I have such an easier time getting through my hair while cleansing and I'm noticing less breakage. So when my hair grows I actually see the length.

Adds Moisture to Prepare for Cleansing 

Between washing, conditioning, styling and everything else, wash day can put our hair through a lot! Manipulating the hair, no matter how little, can put the hair at risk for some level of damage, especially really kinky hair like mine. Doing a pre-poo with steam along with a hair mask or deep conditioner adds moisture to the hair so that shampooing won’t be as harsh on the hair. It kinda gives the hair a protective barrier that conditions and preps the hair to can take whatever manipulation you give it.

When it comes to pre-pooing, my Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer hits all of these points! Using my Q-Redew to steam along with a hair mask for pre-pooing makes moisture infusion 3 times better!  It helps open up my hair cuticle so that the moisture and product can really penetrate and go deep down into the hair shaft so that it’s more effective. Between those unique prongs on the Q-Redew and the warm steam, detangling is a breeze and my hair is SUPER manageable afterwards! Watch me use my trusty Q-Redew along with the Q-Redew Detangling Brush to pre-poo my hair as I prep for a protective style.


So... do YOU pre-poo with steam? Do you use steam in any part of your hair care routine?



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valerie Francis
valerie Francis

how do get a Q-redew I the uk where can I buy one and the Q Redew brush, I would like to buy one.

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