Q-Redew Steam: Blowout Without the Damage!

Q-Redew Steam: Blowout Without the Damage!

Many of us love the blowout because it gives our hair great volume and can provide the stretch we need to help us show off our length. We can wear it as-is or use it as a prep for a new style. If you love a blowout but are worried about possible heat damage, then you need the Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer in your life!

That’s right?! You can use steam to achieve the blowout look you want without the risk of permanent damage that can be caused by the dry heat of blow dryer. This is because instead of hot air that dries out the strands, steam from the Q-Redew will actually add warm moisture to the hair. Thanks to the unique design of our hair steamer, combing through the hair with the prongs help stretch the hair out.

Finishing off with our Detangling Brush will give you the smooth finish resulting in that blowout look you desire!

Below watch Caaliyah demo how she achieves the blowout using her Q-Redew Handheld Steam and Q-Redew Detangling Brush! Here’s what she has to say…

"Quick & easy DAMAGE free blow out using my @qredew handheld steamer 💚 This was perfect because I did not feel like washing my hair!”


Seen enough? Get your Q-Redew!

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